Introducing the 2020 Artist Holiday Success Guide! Each week we’ll be sharing 5 things you can do now to make the most of the holiday sales season + a few helpful reminders.

1. Host a Q&A on Instagram

Take a minute to get a little more personal with your followers this week! Use the Question Sticker feature on Instagram to find out what your audience wants to know about you and your work. Q&As are a great way to share your story with your community and to introduce them to the person behind the art. Plus, establishing connections with customers is a proven factor in purchasing decisions.

2. Maximize your earnings by reviewing your markups on art prints, framed prints and canvas prints.

You are in control of how much you earn on fine art products: art prints, framed prints and canvas prints. Maximize your earnings this holiday season by setting the markup you wish to earn on these products. You have the ability to set a markup across all designs or just on specific designs. Learn more about setting markups here.

Reminder: For products that do not allow for a markup, you still earn 10% on the original price. So its a win-win to promote our holiday promos! 

3. Add your affiliate link to your shop URLs.

Joining the Society6 Affiliate Program is the best way to earn more this holiday season. You can earn 10% on anything a customer purchases if you send them to Society6. That means, if they buy something from your shop, you can earn up to 20% on your own products. And if a customer chooses to buy something from another artist instead of you, you’ll still earn 10%!

To make the most of this program, make sure you’ve added your affiliate link anywhere you have a Society6 URL. In particular, make sure you include this on your link in bio and any links on your website!

4. Upload a new design (or a few!).

The more the merrier! Now is the perfect time to upload those new pieces you’ve been holding onto. In general, artists with more designs see more success on Society6. Do you have a current bestseller? Consider updating it in a new color. Do you have season specific designs? Don’t forget to make those available in your shop now.

5. Learn a new skill.

As part of our partnership with Skillshare we’re offering Society6 artists a free two-month subscription to their online learning community. Join now to gain accesses to classes on illustration, design, photography, freelancing and more! Already have an account? Check out classes by other Society6 artists here.

Products to Promote This Week: Throw Pillows, Throw Blankets + Welcome Mats

Throughout the holiday season we’ll be running weekly product specific promos on our most giftable products! These promos are designed to drive customers to products that we know they’re shopping for right now. This week we recommend sharing throw pillows, throw blankets and welcome mats on your social channels and in your newsletters. The best part? They’re all 40% from now until November 8th.

Bonus: We’re also running a 35% off wrapping paper (the perfect seasonal product) and a 40% off posters promo. This sale is running throughout the holiday season!

Remember you can always find our most up to date promo schedule here. See you next week for all new tips for success!

Ali Peugh

Director, Artist Community