Back to school season is here and we’re thinking about what’s really important: decking out your new digs.

You finally have a space — even if it is a dorm– of your own and you get to decorate it however you want! That is, if you don’t have to keep any roommates in mind. Sharing a space doesn’t mean killing your vibe though, so check our guide below for tips on how to decorate when you’re living in close quarters.

Wake Up Sticker

Desk Duty

Your workspace, whether you like it or not, is going to be where you spend much of your time for the foreseeable future. (Hello, Red Bull-fueled all-nighters!) It’s also sure to be one spot in your dorm that is totally yours, so go crazy! Investing some time (and just a little bit of cash) into making your desk warm and welcoming will definitely make those long nights ahead just a little more enjoyable. Space is limited so opt for small art prints you love — think inspirational quotes, dreamy vistas, and maybe something to make you LOL when you really just wanna pull your hair out.

Carolina Herrera Resort Art Print

Keep it Posted

Dorm life is all about convenience. Think about it. You don’t have to cook your meals or clean your bathroom, and you’re just steps away from campus. Your décor game can also be this effortless. Refresh your blank walls with posters– they’re a classic choice (ours are a step above those in your teenage bedroom), are not obnoxiously large so your roommate won’t kill you, and best of all are super easy to hang. If you tack them up with putty or pins, removing them will be just as quick and painless.

Lazy Palm Wall Tapestry

Curate Your Life

Sometimes, though, it’s all about the little things in life. Dorms can be cramped, especially if you’re sharing with a roommate (or two, yikes). Decking out all your necessities — think backpacks, coffee mugs, pillows–  can give you a little more décor power. It all goes back to making the most of the space and things you do have. Think of it as adding a little bit of art to your daily routine.

Things Wall Tapestry

Embrace Your Differences

You’ll probably find yourself thinking “to each their own” at some point when it comes to decorating with a roommate. Everyone has their own unique taste– as they should, or whatever– but what happens when your roommate’s pastel obsession doesn’t line up with your black and white vibes? Embrace your differences! Creating a cohesive space doesn’t necessarily mean everything has to be matchy-matchy, so own your personal look and you may find you love how your different styles can work together.. At the very least, your space will look unique AF.


Wake Up Sticker

by Alyssa M. Gonzalez


Treat People With Kindness Sticker

by flowerfeast


You Have Died of Dysentery Framed Art Print

by HeyJinx Design


Summer Fiesta Rug

by basilique


Lazy Palm Wall Tapestry

by Hola Lou


Retro Boss Babe Rectangular Pillow

by SweetgrassPaperCompany


Cha Cha Cha Throw Pillow

by Picomodi


The Alpacas II Travel Mug

by littleoddforest


Things Wall Tapestry

by Hanna Kastl-Lungberg


Grid Simple Line Comforter

by Beautiful Homes


Watercolor Layers Rose Gold Floor Pillow

by Untold Whimsy


Tribe Floral Vibes Comforter

by Casey Saccomanno


Jessica McQueen