Hinge, the dating app that is designed to be deleted, wants to celebrate the moments between “we matched” and” we’re getting married!” because all kinds of love are worth a Valentine’s day card.

We’re looking for
10-15 artists to create original pieces to celebrate these funny little moments in modern dating. This is not your mom’s Hallmark card.

The chosen artist’s art will be promoted to Hinge and Society6’s members and artwork from the collaboration will also be included in a featured collection on Society6.

Hinge has provided thought-starters for some of these moments to help guide your thinking. You can utilize these prompts or draft your own. Please keep the below guidelines in mind when creating…

– content should be humorous, but not sentimental
– content should be relevant to modern dating
– content should be relatable to all relationships (regardless of gender and sexual preference)

To be eligible, enter before Monday January 28th, 11:59 PM PST.


Content Prompts: Feel free to use them as-is or to kick off your own brainstorm!

Just Matched (those first few dates):

  • Double texting
    • Double texting means I care
    • So in like I double texted.
  • Sweaty hand holding
    • Take the sweaty palms as a compliment.
  • First facetime without makeup
    • This is a No-Make-Up-FaceTime Kinda Love
    • Thanks for not screaming. You must really like me.


New Relationship (definitely something, not yet defined, honeymoon stage):

  • Toothbrush at their place
    • I saw my toothbrush spooning with your toothbrush
    • I’ll never use your toothbrush in secret again!
  • First Fart
    • Remember your first fart? I do.
    • Well…you can’t hold them in forever.
  • Pet Approval
    • I wasn’t so sure, but my dog says you can stay over
  • Cuddling
    • You’re My Favorite Weighted Blanket


Committed Relationship (comfortable, no more honeymoon stage):

  • Marriage Material
    • Big Wife Energy
    • Should we just hang out forever?
  • Buying My Tampons
    • If you had a period, I’d totally buy you tampons, too.
    • Thanks for knowing the difference between regular and super
  • Wedding +1
    • Dancefloor Duo of the Year
  • Wearing your ugly underwear
    • Lace means I like you, cotton means I love you
    • Just close your eyes and try to remember the underwear I used to wear
  • Getting Hangry
    • Thanks for Loving Me When I’m Hangry
  • Adding them as your emergency contact
    • Will you be my emergency contact?


Single / For Friends (Dating Related):

  • Message Ghostwriter /Interpreter
    • Thanks for being the invisible third wheel in all my text-lationships
    • What if all those guys knew it was you texting them…?
  • Date Background Checks
    • You’re my favorite co-stalker.
    • Thanks for letting me use your Instagram to stalk my online dates.

Ali Peugh

Director, Artist Community