In our Deep Dive series, we take an intimate look at the details, symbolism and inspiration of our artists’ favorite pieces.

Here, we’re diving into the work of artist Kinesis as she reveals the meaning behind “Fragments”—a piece that embodies her distinctive style of “visual jazz.”

“Fragments” by Kinesis


Recently, I’ve become deeply inspired by how different elements in our environments shape us. “Fragments” explores the connection between physical space and mental space. In 2020, I began experimenting more purposefully with geometry, architecture and perspective to tell stories and deliver messages through my art. I love curating areas of dissonance and areas of harmony within my work so they explode with expression.

I love the improvisational style and rhythm of jazz music. It is an ensemble of sounds, and my work is an improvisational ensemble of visuals. It is very complex and layered. There is also a lot of call and response in the visual stories I present, very similar to the style of the music. I listen to jazz a lot when I create—the sound of music really drives the vibe behind my work.


There are so many exciting details to dive into! I enjoy using vibrant colors and green plants to symbolize life. These images are often positioned next to images of chain link fences and abandoned buildings seen in different urban communities. I use these images to represent the oppression and barriers that exist for people in these environments. Positioning images of healthy, thriving trees next to decaying and forgotten architecture is my way of telling a story about resilience.

Stairs and Roads

I love using stairs and roads within my work to denote forward and upward movement. I like my pieces to feel hopeful and uplifting, and those elements really help deliver that vibe.

Street Signs

In our day-to-day travels, we pass so many repetitive messages. On the surface, street signs are simply meant to give directions. But digging deeper, repetitive messages really do affect our paths. I am fascinated by communities and environments, and I like to take time to internalize the energy of the areas I spend time in. So, I incorporate the messages that speak to me in each place—the wording in the graffiti on the walls and the commands written on the street signs.

Uplifting Messages

There has been so much tension, especially in the last few years—a lot of uncertainty and discord. My goal in my recent works has been to capture the chaos of the times, while also portraying uplifting messages within the art. In this piece you’ll see messages like “Why Hate” and “Love” within the graffiti.

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Gail Acosta

Writer and Editor