Friendship is a beautiful phenomenon, transcending people’s differences and backgrounds through a mutual respect for one another.

A friend is someone to cherish and encourage, to challenge and listen to, and to enjoy moments of both laughter and silence with. They can emerge from the strangest of places and are often connections that will span entire lifetimes. Here, I highlight some of my favorite pieces from the Society6 community focused on this enduring subject.


Another Quiet Spot Art Print by littleclyde

The Yoga Friends Art Print by Isabelle Feliu

Thank you for helping me grow! Art Print by Milkyprint

Bear friend Art Print by Alexandra Dvornikova

Book Squad Art Print by Alja Horvat

Wave Sisters Art Print by Tasiania

Magical Lake Art Print by Bouletcorp

Buddy Art Print by Andy Westface

Lupine Friend Art Print by taryndraws

Laser Eyes Space Cat Riding Sloth, Llama - Rainbow Art Print by Random Galaxy

Swan and Elephant Art Print by Rebecca Rebouche

You Are My Best Friend Art Print by Picomodi

best friend Art Print by steph_angeles

Nathan Spoor

Head of Curation // Society6