It’s that season where you’re constantly prompted to think about how you can strive to do bigger, better things in the coming year.

However, New Year’s Resolutions can be hard and they’re often trite or totally impossible to keep—like finally embracing your inner yogi (lol) or eating less bread (I ate all the bread). With that in mind, we wanted to give you a bit of a different way to approach your goal-setting goals of 2019—check out your zodiac-inspired resolution below and enjoy illustrations by Camille Chew.


You Should…Elevate Others

Aries, you’re a total badass. Your undying commitment to your causes means your rate of success is pretty much 100%. You break through life’s challenges with Kool-Aid-Man levels of giving-no-fucks and you always have spare energy leftover for any extra activities you just happen to be crushing these days. However, all this killin’ it means that you have a tendency to ignore those around you in pursuit of your own goals. This year, try using that intense, never-ending will to champion a friend who has a little less confidence. Maybe she’s been trying to start an illustration side-hustle, but is intimidated by sharing her work. Be her hype man by (non-patronizingly) sharing some insights, showing off her work to friends and being the first person to shout her successes from the rooftops. Your friendship will no doubt be taken to a new level, and don’t worry, all that extra energy means you’ll have plenty of time to take on the world on your own.


You Should…Be More Mindful

Adventure is always calling you Sagittarius, whether it’s a cross-country backpacking trip, a new business idea or a search for the best bar in town. Your love/obsession with anything that might inspire you keeps you always on the hunt for what’s next, however, how much time do you spend thinking about what’s here? What’s now? One of your new year’s resolutions this year should be to try and develop a mindfulness practice—let the inner workings of your mind be a kind of new frontier, an unexplored cerebral territory that will no doubt prove to be just as awe-inspiring as any national park. Your sign loves to think and brainstorm new ideas, so the challenge will be to truly just sit and be, relishing in the adventure that is happening now, all around you.


You Should…Change Your Routine

Oh Taurus, we owe your patient persistence for so much of the work that gets done. You’re a “slow and steady wins the race” type—always pushing forward, but in your own way and your own time. Your practicality gives you an uncanny ability to manage your time and energy perfectly which makes you an incredibly trustworthy sign. However, all of this plodding along can create deep ruts for you to get stuck in. In 2019, Tauruses should try to switch up their routine-based lives in little ways. Maybe you brush your hair 40 times every night or only drink coffee at 11:00 am—what would happen if you broke from tradition and intentionally tried something else? Sometimes we can get so comfortable with our own way of living that we don’t even notice how far we’ve gotten from embracing the spontaneous spirit that makes life more fun. Break up your routine this year and see if you can’t get back in touch with a little bit of adventure.


You Should…Feel the Feels

While we’re all stuck in the day-to-day grind, Aquarians are building a better, more interesting world inside their minds. The most introspective and innovative sign, Aquarians look to logic to explain and explore everything around them. Unfortunately, sometimes what gets lost in all of this thinking and theorizing is the very human experience of feeling emotions. This year, Aquarians should focus on listening to their emotions, no matter how small. Giving emotions even just a bit more space to grow will help you become more empathic friends and give you insight into some rich experiences that your mind hasn’t yet explored (…you know you’re curious). Don’t worry if it doesn’t come easily, emotions are tricky things and you can’t always force yourself to cry or get angry on demand. Instead, use that high-powered mind of yours to clue into even the smallest inkling of a feeling and follow that as far as it’ll take you.


You Should…Cultivate Concentration

You’re all over the place, Gemini, making your sign perfectly equipped to withstand the fast pace of our social-media driven culture. You’re fascinated by everything from high fashion to politics to what’s new on Netflix to which candy you’re most like based on where you grew up (thanks Buzzfeed). This ricocheting energy makes you an endlessly interesting and well-rounded person, but it can also make you susceptible to living in a constant state of distraction. This year, challenge yourself to engage in activities that require intense focus—if you love music, try taking up an instrument or if you love good food, teach yourself to bake! You might always continue to have that pull towards a million different things at once, but if you can slow down every once in a while and lose yourself in a task, you’ll be surprised at how much you enjoy yourself.


You Should…Learn to Receive

Scorpio, you are a force. People are drawn to your intensity and passion like a moth to a flame—but just like that flame, you don’t often leave a space for people to get close to you without getting burned. Your sign loves all things deep and is quick to create space for other people to share their darkest secrets and deepest emotions, however you like to remain somewhat of a mystery. This year, when things get tough (which they will) you should focus on learning to be vulnerable and receive help from others. You’ve given endless advice and provided the backdrop for all of your friends to share their realness and now it’s your turn to expose a little bit of your heart to the people you love and trust. This might be painful at first, but the more you can learn to let love in, the even more love you’ll have to give back to others.


You Should…Seek Strength

Cancer, your sign is all about coziness—you create it in the space around you and you willingly give your good, comfortable vibes to anyone who crosses your path. Your patient, compassionate nature is evident in everything you do, and you’re very quick to give that extra hug, coffee date or tiny gift to remind those around you that they are safe and loved. However, believe it or not, all of this cocooning can be too much of a good thing. When life throws its arrows your way, it can sometimes be difficult for you to recover. Anything that disrupts your perfectly prepared peace can quickly overwhelm you and land you in a state of depression and sensitivity. This year, find ways to fan the flame of your strength. Maybe start healthy gym practice that will build up not only your physical strength, but your mental strength as well. And don’t be afraid to ask those closest to you to intentionally encourage you to be the boldest, bravest version of yourself.


You Should…Celebrate the Small

Caps, you are all about that hustle, baby. You’ll stop at nothing to achieve your goals and you know, deep down, that you can conquer anything you set your mind to. You set your sights high and create strategic pathways to get to the summit, but you often don’t find time to relish in all of the amazing things you accomplish along the way. It’s admirable to shoot for the starts, but it doesn’t make it any less incredible when you complete your first flight. This year, find ways to truly celebrate all of your achievements, big and small. Did that best-selling author actually email you back? Celebrate! Did you finish all of your work before 4:00 pm on Friday? Celebrate! Filling your life with markers for even seemingly small achievements will bring even more joy into your process and serve as unintentional incentives to keep setting and reaching your goals.


You Should…Let Others Win

Leo, Leo, Leo—you love being the king of the jungle and the zodiac. Your tendency for all things bold, bright and attention-drawing makes you the most entertaining and dramatic of all of the signs. However, with all of this regality comes the fierce desire to be first in all things—relationships, work and of course, in ANY competition. This year, focus on the idea of “letting others win—and no, I don’t mean sabotaging yourself so that someone else can unfairly take the crown. Rather, use your brightness to shine some light on the amazing people around you. Acknowledge when a certain game, subject matter or activity isn’t exactly your area of expertise and use that gregarious energy of yours to compliment and celebrate your friends or family who could use a bit of space to brag.


You Should…Choose and Commit

Libras bring balance to everything they touch—relationships, habits, environment, you name it. They delight in things being orderly and fair, which means they’re often great mediators and the perfect person to turn to when you need to see things from a different point of view. However, all of this moderation can lead to a bit of indecisiveness and combined with the insane choice paralysis that our current culture is steeped in, Libras can forgo making any choices for fear of making the wrong one. This year, Libra, make choosing and committing one of your goals. Start with something seemingly unimportant such as quickly deciding which gelato to buy and slowly move up to larger decisions like where to go on vacation or which jobs to apply for. You will not miss out if you start actually making and committing to decisions, in fact you might find that the more decisive you are, the more opportunities come your way!


You Should…Make a Mess

Virgos, you love to keep everything in order—you’re hardworking, highly organized and can maximize productivity like nobody’s business. Your only goal in life is perfection, which drives you to create immaculate connections and never miss a detail, but is unfortunately a huge burden when it comes to dealing with the messiness of every day life. Your 2019 new year’s resolution should be to find a safe space to make a mess. You’re so committed to keeping everything in line that your drive to create synergy can often just create more stress. Take a painting or ceramics class, volunteer with kids or start a small garden—these mess-making activities will help you see that sometimes it’s more than just okay to get a little dirty, it’s actually an essential part of the process.


You Should…Be a Happy Host

Pisces, you’re tricky to pin down—you go deep, but you also have a magical ability to let your imagination soar into the clouds. Your sign is somewhat of an “old soul” clinging to intimate conversations, quiet nights and simple activities. However, this brilliant desire to focus on the more solid things in life can often leave you feeling isolated from your more fast-moving, technologically advanced friends. Not one to embrace loud concerts or brave the hippest new bar, you often find yourself feeling a bit of FOMO, wishing the world would provide for you a tailor-made safe space to hang out with friends. Here’s where your resolution comes in—this year, make it a point to invite people over more often. Playing host is a great way to connect with those you love while also being able to focus on making meaningful connections instead of stressing at the state of our society.

Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content