So #ICYMI, Memorial Day Weekend is over, marking the beginning of a very exciting new style season: all-white-everything.

If wearing head to toe white makes you nervous, don’t sweat (no really, don’t sweat, it’ll stain!) we’ve got you covered. We teamed up beauty expert and filmmaker Rosanna Peng with model/stylist Anjelica Armstrong to give you the run down on the freshest trend of the season and some tips on how to pull it off without looking like a ghost. Pro tip: steer clear of condiments, ketchup packets are not your friend.

Radical Female Tote Bag

1. Break up an all-white outfit by layering with different textures:

One way to keep a monochrome outfit from looking monotone is by mixing in a variety of textures. Blend smooth, sleek leggings with crisp cotton tees or try a silky skirt with a chunky knit sweater. Believe it or not, the contrasting fabrics will create tactile harmony.

2. Wear flesh colored undergarments:

Don’t bring unwanted attention to your undergarments! Make sure you grab flesh colored underwear or bras on all-white days to minimize their outfit impact. There’s nothing more distracting than a pop of color or pattern where it shouldn’t be!

Court Carry-All Pouch

3. Put on makeup after you put on your white shirt:

Ladies, we’ve all gawked at the unsightly stains of our foundation or lipstick on tight white tees. Makeup can be a pain to remove, so take our advice and apply after you put on your clothes! The last thing you want is to have to re-think an entire outfit due to a colored smudge on your collar.

4. Keep a Tide-To-Go pen in your bag:

The more effortless you want to look, the more effort it often takes. Let’s face it, wearing white can be a pain, especially when faced with the the inevitable—stains. Keeping a bleach or detergent pen in your bag is welcome insurance for those of us who just can’t seem to go throughout the day without a few bumps and bruises. Trust us, your laundry will thank you later!

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