Been wanting to inject a little extra flair into your boudoir but not quite sure where to start? There’s actually a lot of impact that your bedding can make if you’re willing to think outside the (plain white duvet) box.

For those of you who rent, or are otherwise restricted from remodeling your bedroom, switching up your shams and comforters can be an affordable and low-commitment solution. Particularly, choosing designs that compliment but also contrast can have a really cool effect on your room, but there are a few things to consider so that your combo looks curated, not haphazard.

Combining patterns can be tricky, but you can apply the same rules you would if you were mixing stripes and plaids in an outfit: pick patterns that share at least one color, and make sure the scale is different. For example, if you’re using a blown-out palm leaf motif, try contrasting it with one that’s a bit more small and intricate.

And if you’re sticking to a limited color scheme—like black and white—try playing with varying styles. A graphic, pop-art illustration or text on your shams can be balanced by a simple, classic pattern on your comforter. This is especially great for those on a budget: a more versatile comforter will get you a lot of mileage, because then you can just focus on changing around your pillows and accessories to make it have a different feel every time.

Balance is the key: prints, colors, and styles. Once you’ve got that down, have some fun and get creative.

To get you started we’ve created this collection of some dynamic comforter and sham duos.

Love Tropical Comforter

by Mark Ashkenazi


Sunflower Mandala Pillow Sham

by Janet Broxon


Nadia Dalmation Spot Comforter

by Charlotte Winter


Good Luck Pillow Sham

by Henn Kim


Pastel Tie Dye Comforter

by Kate & Co.


Be Kind Pillow Sham

by Libbie Bischoff


Black, White, & Gold Glitter Herringbone Chevron Comforter

by Tangerine-Tane


Depth of Field Pillow Sham

by Cassia Beck