Creatives don’t come with dating-manuals.

And even if they did, it would be full of those incomprehensible naked-man Ikea drawings and instructions in an unknown language (ancient runes???) that google translate can’t read and instead spits back a disappointed, but also vengeful, “No one understands me!!!”. Have no fear—if you, too, are the special kind of masochist who enjoys dating musicians, writers, artists and the like, Ruby Elliot has illustrated a few tips to help you ace your confusing, but always colorful, romantic life.

1. Accept your identity as “The Muse”.

2. Learn to be their second love.

3. Brace yourself for a lot of opinions about Radiohead.

4. Always appreciate their art. Practice your “that’s SO good” face.

5. Embrace being art-splained to.

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Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content