Our Fall Edition of the Art Quarterly is perhaps our favorite yet.

This carefully curated book shows off a strong selection of work from our active artists and is just one of the ways we love to celebrate their unique voices and perspectives.

And besides the 25 artists featured in the Quarterly 3.3 section, our community collab Flipside zine features a fun twist—each piece of artwork is a custom coloring book page designed so that you can be a part of the creative process too.

Special edition, two cover concept. Limited to 500 copies. Four color offset printed, gold holographic foil logo, perfect bound 1st edition shrink-wrapped with 6-color S6 branded crayon set on second side cover. Published by Society6 in 2018. 130 pages, 9in x 12in.

The Art Quarterly 3.3 features 209 unique original works from 25 Society6 Artists:

Megan GalanteLINDSEY L33Leah Reena GorenAdrián  – Ori Paul LeviInkyung ChoiGeorgieravesJohannes HuweEmma RombyJelly Chentomboy / Lola PeugnetPatrick JoustMel CerriMattahanJeff MindellSemifictionweekender4014Marion KamperJoe AndersonSenjiro NakataDaniel ZenderResonate / Su-Lin MeyerTasianiaSophie Hoad HalmaAnna Labi (annaorca)

The Flipside Coloring Book features 25 new, original black and white coloring book works along with S6 crayons in box (shrink wrapped onto book cover), curated from a community collaboration call:

DeluxewitchuberkraaftCassidy MariettaHuebucketDylan MorangValentina HarperLalasdreamboxHookie Duke / Erica WilliamsKarl James MountfordLena la BallenaBarlenaWillian SantiagoValeriya VolkovaSteve Wade (Swade)Kit MizeresDean LibeauAnukun HamalaRebecca FlattleyALVAREZNicolae NeguraEvgenia Chuvardina

Grab one while you can!

Photos by Jonathan Chu