We’re looking for 20 artists to feature in our Artist Quarterly 4.2: Flipside Zine.

The theme for this Flipside is “Mystery Garden”, a nod to the thrill of unbridled creativity and creating something beautiful from nothing.

Our Quarterly 4.2 Flipside provides a unique opportunity to get your art in front of new fans in a decidedly more curated space. Plus, creatively, the themed Flipside offers a killer way to reimagine your work or spark something entirely new. If selected, we’ll give you simple instructions and the creative prompt before we send you on your way to create something amazing.

We’re looking for twenty artists and would love to feature you! Applying is easy, just click the apply button below and then copy and paste your Society6 art prints shop link on the screen. Only one application is necessary—applying more than once will not increase your chances.

The application window will close and artists will be chosen March 7th.




Featured artwork: Exotic Garden XVII by Burcu Korkmazyurek

Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content