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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Alfredo Ponce, I’m a visual artist. My work is a mix of hand-made collages, digital art and typographic elements.

Current city: Yonkers, New York

How did you make these? Most of my pieces start out hand-made. They are abstract studies of shapes and colors that I try to balance out. It feels like putting together a puzzle that has no definite final form. I then scan my work and go through a process of cleaning up the textures and shapes before I get into digital manipulation.

Why did you make these? I didn’t start out making collages. I began as an illustrator and slowly my work evolved as my focus went from drawing what was in front of me to combining different elements without fully knowing what the final outcome would be. Studying design introduced the ideas of composition and typography in my work. Exploring new ideas and conveying a message is what I hope to get across in my art.

What do people typically say about your work? People say they like the colors and unique perspective of forms in my work.

Social: @alfredo_p_


"Collage: Again 1"

"Collage: Pink"

"Gay, Witty, Lovely"


"Floor 2"


"Blind Spot"

"Life, Life"

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