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Who are you and what do you do? I’m an artist-illustrator. 1/3 Colombian, 1/3 Bolivian and 1/3 Argentinian.

Current city: Buenos Aires, right in the middle of moving to Madrid!

Clients: Hyatt, Latina to Latina, Jussi, McDonalds, Natty

How did you make these? Since I really don’t have a very linear and organized process, I would say that I have no idea how I work! Literally I always start drawing a rectangle in Adobe Illustrator and, according to how it starts to mutate, I play a game with myself trying to figure out what this shape looks like, and then I complete the illustration. I love to save the leftovers of my cut out shape even if they are digital constructions—sometimes they become artwork by themselves.

Why did you make these? I love to explore the geometry of things since you don’t really need a full rendered image of an object to understand it, I feel pretty childish in that sense. I like to play a little with drawing objects with the least elements possible but at the same time it’s very important for me that they have their own spirit. Definitively, architecture as space is a recurrent theme for me. I love the ambiguity that produces the idea to map a space with 4 or 5 flat shapes in the illustration.

What do people typically say about your work? That I love to draw girls with smooth hair!

Social: @andreadevia.n

"In Bed"

"landscape 2"

"landscape 1"

"Girls on the sun"

"Buenos Aires House II"

"Bedroom people"

"The Miles Bar"

"The Hall"

"Window Light"

running Wall Tapestry

by Andrea Devia Nuño


In bed Canvas Print

by Andrea Devia Nuño


the miles bar Framed Art Print

by Andrea Devia Nuño


landscape 1 Art Print

by Andrea Devia Nuño


Jessica McQueen