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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Julia Martinez Diana. I’m a graphic designer who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (FADU, UBA). I’m the founder and designer at my independent type design studio Antipixel, with a main focus on displaying handwritten typefaces. Some of my studio’s most popular type families are Escalope, Austral Slab & Sans, LeOsler and the Aracne collection.

Current city: Buenos Aires, Argentina

How did you make these? My work is purely digital and based on typography since I have always had special care for it, so creating art pieces with type as the protagonist was the next step for me.

I always start by looking for inspiration on different sites and then set the theme for my work. Sketching the first drafts goes along with setting a color palette and choosing the right type to complete the work’s identity. Since I have a particular interest in irregular and unique forms, I then concentrate on adding textures and layers to my compositions to give depth, making them interesting and different.

Why did you make these? In my free time, I like to have fun with type. I love working with letters and have a passion for those beautiful characters hidden in every font family. From an asterisk to an accented character, each glyph has a story to tell. For example, my Foreign Language Collection celebrates characters from other languages alphabets, such as the Polish Ł or the Norwegian Ø, which have always caught my eye. And other works of mine tell a story by integrating type with illustration.

What do people typically say about your work? People say that I have a very personal style, and they could definitely recognize my work before seeing my name in the credits!

Client List: My main clients are design studios, agencies and freelancers that purchase my fonts’ licenses at websites like MyFonts and such! Some of the well-known brands that have used my typefaces are Maybelline New York, Nike, BudLight, Lego, Penguin Random House and Teen Choice Awards, among others.

Social: @antipixel_

"Foreign Languages. Character Ł"

"Abstract Curve Forms"

"Accented Typography * Character N"

"Easy Tiger Motel Keychain"

"Accented Typography * Character E"

"Easy Tiger Motel Keychain"

"Foreign Languages. Character ð"

"Abstract Curve Forms"

"Typography * Character 5"

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