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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Florencia Lopez Zerón. I work as a graphic designer and teacher. I’m an analog and digital collagist.

Current city: Buenos Aires

How did you make these? I take a stack of material and start working while I listen to music. I don’t usually set goals, I’m guided by the shapes and contrasts. Then I scan the piece and the digital stage begins. In some cases I intervene, in others I just digitize. Expanding the diversity of my work is always motivating for me.

Why did you make these? I think we all owe ourselves a time for personal expression, with the techniques or resources we have. After completing university, I began to miss composing by hand and those levels of expression. I also love the materials of the technique and the act of composing by reusing paper that’s not in use. I love walking through the newsstands or finding them on the streets. I also enjoy being able to combine it with other tools that I have on a digital level and scanners.

What do people typically say about your work? Some people tell me they like how the color and shapes were used but beyond that, it means a lot to me that they like it and that it inspires them. I’m very grateful to those who in some way or another support me as an independent and self-managing artist.

Clients: Mainly personal commissions. I’m interested in making more cover art and illustrations/collages, perhaps for editorial projects.

Social: @florenicazeron




"Dream Operator"


"Burning down da house"




"Naive Song"

Dream Operator Art Print

by Florencia López Zerón


Fleurs Canvas Print

by Florencia López Zerón


Rainbows Sticker

by Florencia López Zerón


Diluvio Canvas Print

by Florencia López Zerón


Jessica McQueen