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Who are you and what do you do? Matthieu Bourel, born in Rennes, French Britanny. Multidisciplinary artist, currently focused on visual art for some years now. Making images every day and working as a freelance illustrator for various newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Current city: Berlin, Germany

Clients: The New York Times, The New Yorker, Die Zeit, New Scientist, The Atlantic, GQ, Libération, Art Magazin, and collaborations with Jun Takahashi/Undercover and Carl Craig, to name a few.

How did you make these? Could be handmade collage, drawing, painting, working from scans in digital according to the time I have, but it’s all the way the same for me: the power of images and their combinations. Therefore, [there’s] all kinds of diversions, as well as in music, sounds or films. Playing with elements, to make it mine.

Why did you make these? I would say “necessity,” since I was a child. I imagine there is a life goal in this at the end, but it’s not clear and doesn’t have to be. I can’t stop making things and digest all the informations going around me. [It’s] what I call “Data-ism.”

What do people typically say about your work? Some love it, some hate it, I guess. Like any art. [The] best [thing] would be to inspire, like I so often am by others and by art history in general.


"Psyche (2019)"

"Autohypnosis (2014)"

"Inescapable Birthdays (2014)"

"Artificial Intelligence (2017)"

"Mother (2017)"

"Sybil I (2015)"

"Exploded / Adventurous (2017)"

"Microdosing (2017)"

"Unidentified Woman / Hypercolours (2013)"

"Sugarcane / Formol (2018)"

"Fishing Line (2011)"


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Sugarcane / Formol (2018) Wall Tapestry

by Matthieu Bourel / Ek dojo


Exploded / Adventurous(2017) Stationery Cards

by Matthieu Bourel / Ek dojo


Changes Serie. NUmer 5 (2015) Wood Wall Art

by Matthieu Bourel / Ek dojo


Fishing Line (2011) Stationery Cards

by Matthieu Bourel / Ek dojo


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