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Who are you and what do you do? I’m Marie Kattner and I’m a fashion graduate currently working part-time while doing graphics and illustration in my spare time.

Current city: Karlsruhe, Germany

Clients: Mostly personal art and tattoo commissions.

How did you make these? I work digitally. I have slight perfectionist tendencies, so creating without an “undo” button just doesn’t work for me. I mostly sketch my ideas on my iPad and then finalise and fine-tune it on Illustrator.

Why did you make these? For me, it started out as practising and playing around on Illustrator and Photoshop for my uni course “Fashion Promotion & Communication.” I played around a lot and tried loads of different style and things. Realism was a bit of a disaster, but I always found my way back to mostly outlines and a rather minimal style. I always enjoyed just experimenting to see what works in terms of placement and colour choices, so it soon turned from something I did for university to something I did for myself.

What do people typically say about your work? They usually like the witchy feel of my illustrations, especially when it is in combination with space. The combination of the dark background with pastel colours or white is something people often positively comment about, as well.

Social: @mrkttnrgrphcs (on Instagram)

"Balance - Illustration"

"The Closer - Illustration"

"Save - Illustration"

"Tell Me - Snake Illustration"

"Yarrow - Floral Hand"

"Cosmos - Floral Hand Illustration"

"Spring Day Illustration"

"Good Evening - Illustration"

"Good Morning - Illustration"

"Outside - Illustration"

"Artificial Love - Illustration"


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Just for you - Illustration Credenza

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Blooming Day - Illustration iPhone Case

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Save - Illustration Coaster

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Balance - Illustration Side Table

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