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Who are you and what do you do? Hello! I’m Julie Alex, I graduated as a history teacher 4 years ago and have been creating pictures since then. The most logical outcome one could imagine.

Current city: Pskov, Russian Federation

How did you make these? It’s all about love. I can’t draw without being emotionally involved. Kindness, nature, cycling, sports, films and music – all of these give the right energy to create things. The choice of drawing medium depends on mood. I mostly work digitally now, but still love my acrylic and gouache paints.

Why did you make these? Sorry for being boring, but I just love it. This is the main reason. I’ve been drawing since childhood. My sister is a designer and my greatest inspiration, our mother draws very good, so it was natural to me. Another reason is an ability to make people happy sometimes.

What do people typically say about your work? That my drawings are “lively.” I’m not really into perfect images. When you think way too much, try too hard, the magic disappears. At least for me. The main idea of digitalroughs was to let it go and draw quickly. Perfectionism may build walls, imperfections are real and beautiful. And when you realize this fact, it feels liberating.

Social: @juliecesare

"red sky"


"abstraction vol.4"

"walk with me"

"abstraction vol.6"



"abstraction vol.11"

"abstraction vol.1"

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