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As a way of introducing yourself, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Lauren Kolesinskas, and I’m a freelance illustrator and fine artist.

Current city: I’ve lived in various parts of Brooklyn, NY for the past 15 years.

How did you make these?

My work is a mix of digital, for which I use a tablet and Photoshop, and traditional, which is usually ink and/or gouache. I’m always interested in experimenting with new materials and I embroider, make block prints, and sometimes whittle. I want all of my pieces to look like cousins from outlying branches of the same weird family tree.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I’m certainly influenced by world events and the media that I consume but a lot of my pieces come from dreams. As a terrifyingly active sleeper, I remember my dreams almost every night. Also, I always keep a sketchbook, which is where I just open the spigot directly to my subconscious.

What is the best advice you’ve gotten as an artist or the most important thing you’ve learned?

If you’re a working artist whose bread and butter is client gigs, keep making personal work that is exciting to you. Social media puts pressure on artists to churn out new work that is going to garner attention, regardless of whether or not the piece is truly finished, or even something you wouldn’t draw without an invisible virtual audience. You don’t have to post everything you make, and you don’t have to make things just to post.

Where can people find you?

I’m on Instagram @LKolesin and my website is

Cult Of Self-Improvement Art Print

Working Girl Art Print

O, Votive Art Print

O So Tender Art Print

Vasco de Gama Was A Huge Asshole Art Print

Prehistory Art Print

Frying Pan Art Print

Lachrymae/Safe Space Art Print

Olivia Linville

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