We asked Texas-based photographer Lindsey L33 to give us some tips on how to keep your artistic eye sharp and then translate alllll that creative goodness into real sales. 

Every craft has guidelines and standards that provide a solid foundation for succeeding in your artistic journey. These rules can help you begin that process. That being said, remember that only you can fulfill on your creative vision and looking within for your individual spark is the most crucial goal of all. To get started on the basics, read below, and take it step-by-step:

1. Learn the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a composition strategy that divides the frame into 9 equal parts with two equally spaced vertical lines and two equally spaced horizontal lines. Using the rule of thirds allows your viewer to experience a more natural flow while looking at your image. Take a look at the example above. The image on the right fits the rule of thirds other than the bottom left. The image on the left uses both sides of the frame, sending your eyes back and forth across the image. When a viewer’s eyesight stays within the frame, they are more likely to feel drawn into the image.

2. Funky Angles Make Better Photos

The same angle over and over again is not very interesting. If you want to excite people, you need to try the shot from different angles. Lie down on the ground, stand on a nearby bench, do whatever you have to do to capture a unique point of view. Instead of standing directly in line with your subjects (right), try ducking beneath them (left) like the example above.

3. Keep it Candid

Don’t get it twisted…there is a time and place for posed photos, but if you are striving for something different, keep it candid. Let your subject create a moment with you. Ask them to do some jumping jacks or tell them a joke to spark an authentic laugh—try to inspire something genuine.

4. Coordinate the Colors

Color theory is an important concept to consider when shooting images.  Certain colors work together visually, while others do not. In your day-to-day life, take note of color combinations that make you feel something. Happy accidents do happen, but your images will be much more engaging if you consciously select the colors featured in your images.

5. Always Use High-Resolution Files

If you would like to have a wide selection of potential products listed in your Society6 shop, you need to upload the highest resolution possible. The shower curtain, for instance, requires a file size of at least 6000 x 6000 pixels and the wall tapestry requires 6500 x 5525 pixels. You miss out on potential product listings by not uploading the highest resolution possible.

6. Choose a Product that Works with Your Image

Products in the Society6 shop range from square to rectangle to the dimensions of an iPhone. Choose a product that works well with your image. You can alter the scale; however, certain products are better suited for your images than others.  Always review the product preview to ensure a good fit.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

Sometimes you cannot visualize something until it actually exists. For this reason, you should play around with products that you may not have considered immediately. You might think your image works best as a coffee mug, and if you don’t try a few things, you’ll never know that you actually prefer it as an iPhone case.

These tips are meant to jumpstart your newest projects and S6 art posts. Using strategies like the rules of thirds, color coordination, and candid shooting can help you shoot something you wouldn’t have otherwise. Exploring your artistic journey is all about trying new methods and testing new shooting styles.  Embrace the now. Take the photos. Share them in your shop (in high-resolution preferably ).

Please share your tricks of the trade in the comments below.