Exciting update alert!

We have been listening closely to your feedback and know that the most important part of selling with us is the money you earn on the sale of every product. With this in mind, we are rolling out the ability to set your price and control your artist earnings on ALL of the products in our catalog.

What’s Changing

Now, you will be able to adjust your pricing from a new tab in your Artist Studio called “Pricing”. You will notice we have removed the ability to control the markup applied on a specific size to simplify the management of your prices across product categories. Your markup will be updated to apply the highest variant markup you have set for the product category. 

Beginning on July 19, you will be able to set your price and control your artist earnings across all products. You will continue to have the ability to set either a global markup on all designs and products or set unique markups for individual designs or products.

Why We’re Making These Changes

Our goal at Society6 is to be a partner that allows you to run your art business the way you want to. This change gives our artist community more control and autonomy over the amount they earn on the sale of every product.

How These Changes Impact Your Earnings

Currently, for products that allow you to set your own price (art prints, framed art prints, recessed framed prints, canvas prints and framed canvas prints) the artist earnings are based on the product’s sale price after discounts are applied. This will remain the same and with these changes this will now be the case for all products.

Your artist earnings will now be determined by the following calculation: 

Artist Earnings = (Base Price – Discount) x Markup 

Please note that shipping promotions do not have an impact on your artist earnings.

The decision to make this change to our pricing structure was carefully considered and we are so grateful to our community that has provided us with feedback along the way. As your partner in running your art businesses, we’re excited to make changes that reflect our shared interest in growing your sales. 

Thank you for being a valuable member of the Society6 community. We look forward to these changes going live next week. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to our team here



Olivia Linville

Artist Relations & Development Associate