Art is our life all year long—we write about it, hang it up and some of us even create it ourselves.

But no matter how each of us interacts with the art and artists of Society6, we can’t help but feel that it’s a pretty sweet gig to be surrounded by some of the world’s most creative humans and the magic they create. Here, our team gives a shout-out to their favorite artists and products from this year—share yours below!


Andrea Stanford

GM, Society6

 Fave Artist: Hola Lou

“I had an immediate emotional reaction to Lou’s work—the bold colors and graphic authority!”

and Andrea De Santis

“I couldn’t pick just one! I also love the work of Graphic Designer and Illustrator Andrea de Santis. His imaginative works are captivating!”

Fave Product: Midnight Garden IV Acrylic Tray by Burcu Korkmazyurek

“I’m obsessed with organization and our acrylic trays are the perfect way to add style to storage. Burcu’s moody florals are my favorite.”


Ali Peugh

Artist Community Manager

 Fave Artist: Sunshine Canteen

“I’m obsessed with her west coast vibe, bold colors, patterns and vintage surf style!”

Fave Product: Queso Connoisseur Sticker by Doodle by Meg

“Stickers are the best for personalizing things and If I could describe myself in two words, this would be it.”


Scott Fluhler


 Fave Artist: Jazzberry Blue

“To me, Jazzberry is aspirational. The pieces give me a weirdly nostalgic feeling for memories I’ve, frankly, never actually made. It’s a beatnik, small-batch coffee shop kind of vibe, and yet, I’m the kind of guy who golfs on the weekend and wears boat shoes regularly—so it’s nice.”

Fave Product: CRASH 7 Canvas Print by Jazzberry Blue

“I’m sure this is just Jazzberry’s name subconsciously affecting me, but this canvas print is what I picture when I think of jazz music. It’s spontaneous and colorful. Plus, it’s a canvas print, so any visitors to my apartment will know that I’m serious about art.”


Nicole LaMotte

Visual Director

 Fave Artist: Naomi Vona

“I have always loved collage and particularly appreciate Naomi’s use of layers and colors. The use of vintage imagery as the base for many of her pieces creates of feeling of nostalgia for the olden days of printed photographs and also a familiarity; they are simultaneously fun and have a certain gravitas.”

Fave Product: Georgy Girl Art Print by Naomi Vona

“The color and attitude of this one just grabs me—the pattern seems to bring you in more. Love it.”


Nathan Spoor

Head of Curation and Community

Fave ArtistCarly Siciliano

“Carly Siciliano is a young artist that really appears to be coming into her own with a rich sense of atmosphere mixed with youthful magic that draws us into her camera’s skillful gaze. I’m drawn to her work for its ability to create magnetic portals that showcase more than mere photographic settings. Carly is one of the artists that will undoubtedly have something new and different as she evolves through her career path, and every time she appears with new imagery there will be a new moment of excitement to see what sort of intrigue and allure she has crafted for us.”

Fave Product: Bite Me Art Print by NVM Illustration

“NVM is an artist that I’ve been seeing constantly bringing strong work with real energy and precision of skill. Recently he’s been posting not only new work consistently and also about how big companies have been ripping off his work and he never lets up, he never stops coming up with new ideas, doesn’t rest on his creative wins and goes right after anyone who is stealing from him. That’s the kind of mentality and gusto that really deserves a spotlight, he’s one voice standing up for his rights and using his work to still gain new ground and fans. It’s a very current message and something that we also support as our artists own the rights to their work and deserve credit and respect for their hard efforts.”


Olivia Pollock

Director of Brand Communications and Partnerships

Fave Artist: Tatjana Zlatkovic

“I just love how she plays with light, textures and colors.”

Fave Product: Monstera Art Print by Tatjana Zlatkovic

“The pink and green is classic and who doesn’t love a plant print?”


Meghan Sawyer

Site Merchandiser 

Fave Artist: Tyler Spangler

“Every piece he creates demands your attention; it’s impossible not to notice his work and I am personally always drawn in to take a closer look. His use of color, type and shape are so unique to anything else I’ve come across at Society6 and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!”

Fave Product: Adelpha Tote Bag by Olivia St. James

“I am constantly adding more tote bags to my life. I like to have some in my car, at my desk, at home and everywhere in between. I love this design by Olivia St James, it has almost a calming effect to keep me sane when I brave Whole Foods on a Sunday afternoon.”


Lauren Hallett

Brand Marketing Specialist 

Fave Artist: june//journal

“I love her minimalist and colorful outtake on geometry and I love that she takes plants and reimagines them in her art.”

Fave Product: Mud Cloth Throw Blanket by Becky Bailey 

“I love Becky’s mud cloth inspired designs—they print beautifully on bedding and are amazing to pair with your comforter or duvet!”


Avalon Murray

Graphic Designer

 Fave Artist: Alba Blázquez

“To me, Alba’s work references self-reflection in a humorous and multi-faceted way. Bottom line—I can relate both visually and conceptually. ”

Fave Product: Girl Gang Canvas Print by Ana Albero

“This print makes me want to listen to cassette tapes and make collages in my teenage self’s bedroom. Love it. ”


Stephanie Dixon

Editorial Director

 Fave Artist: Jenny Kroik

“I interviewed Jenny for the blog this year and was struck by her unique blend of humility, optimism and ambition—she’s so inspiring. Looking at her paintings is an escape, and usually to a place I often fantasize about being: a museum, bookshop or bakery. ”

Fave Product: Please Be Nice Sticker by Dry Toast Studio

“I think going into 2019 we could all use the reminder that simple, everyday kindness really does go a long way.”


Jessica McQueen

Associate Editor

 Fave Artist: Cassidy Rae Marietta 

“Cassidy’s work reminds me of Gustav Klimt (my all-time favorite), but on psychedelics. Her works are so incredibly detailed and I always find new things every time I take a look at them.”

Fave Product: The Girl and the Broken Vase Framed Print by Estée Preda

“Estée Preda’s works are just too cute—I love how delicate and detailed they are and am way into her recurring floral motifs.”


Ben Renschen

Artist Development Manager

 Fave Artist: Trippy Dana

“It’s not just her aesthetic I love, it’s Dana’s propensity to experiment that I can’t get enough of—to get other-worldly with it. It’s hard not to appreciate creative energy like that.”

Fave Product: Woman Falling In Canvas Print by Mallory Morrison

“My whole life I’ve had dreams of falling where I wouldn’t wake up—I would just keep falling for miles and miles. I would fall past things I recognized from my own life and many I didn’t. I love this piece because it makes me feel like even the hardest falls are rarely as bad as you think.”


Jessica Parker

Art Director

 Fave Artist: Céleste

“Céleste captures the hope and positive feminist vibes we all need right now. Her work is bright, playful, honest and confident and I’m here for it.”

Fave Product: Ambient Flora Credenza by Danse de Lune

“I truly wish I had room in our house for this, because I think our new credenzas are a really fantastic product. Danse de Lune has such a great eye for color and her composition here makes for a fabulous piece of furniture.”


Miguel Torres

Marketing Coordinator

 Fave Artist: Kirsten Valentine

“Growing up I had a friend with an intentional unfinished quality to her work and ever since I’ve been partial to the style. This artist does it to a point that feels moody in the same way that Rauschenberg first felt to me. ”

Fave Product: Girl Gang Sticker by Maggie Chambers

“The image feels like a protest/activist poster from the 60s. I love the strong tone of using an intersectional approach to feminism which brings it up to date for me.”



Danielle Cheesman

Sr. Content Editor

 Fave Artist: Willian Santiago

“My family is Caribbean (Puerto Rican and Bajan), so Willian’s work feels very much like ‘home.’ The vibrant colors, prints and patterns, tanned skin, sunglasses and headscarfs, wildlife and greenery—they’re all reminiscent of life (or summer) on an island. And even with all that, the works still manage to not feel overwhelming because of his minimalistic and abstract approach.”

Fave Product: How Far is a Light Year? iPhone Case by Alexander Grahovsky

“There’s just something inherently cool about this character. But I also love the piece because of its realism, shown in both its nostalgic childhood vibes and its bittersweetness (that bubble’s gonna pop eventually). Also, the splash of contrasted color is top-notch.”


Peri Levin

Jr. Graphic Designer

 Fave Artist: Kate Gabrielle

“Kate Gabrielle’s cheerful and groovy bedding-centric shop, puts a smile on my face! Full of the most adorable 1960s inspired floral patterns, her designs are perfect for setting the scene on those lazy Sundays, when all you want to do is hang around listening to records.”

Fave Product: Black and White Daisy Art Print by Blue Helmi

“I just love the use of dramatic contrast between the heavy blacked out organic shapes and the simple flower.”


Vladimir Kroshinsky

Social Media Manager

 Fave Artist: Jason Raish 

“Jason Raish describes his Croquet and Ink series as ‘Prim and proper meets rebellion and self expression,’ but I’d describe it as just ‘f*ckn cool’—literally every piece of that series. Each piece is Incredibly detailed and incredibly fun.”

Fave Product: Stardust III: Hyena Acrylic Box by Ale De la Torre

“This magical hyena will be the perfect protector of old batteries, random buttons, thumbtacks, change, and lost/found keys—all stored in a pretty box.”

Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content