Update alert! We’ve made some changes to T-Shirts and Crewnecks.

If you already have T-Shirts and Crewnecks enabled in your Artist Shop, no action is needed and if you haven’t enabled either product, now is a great time to do so. These are the first of many upcoming updates to our Apparel category so stay tuned in the next few weeks for more announcements!

Below, we’ll review all recent changes made to T-Shirts and Crewnecks. 

Updates to T-Shirts and Crewnecks

New Print Placement Options.

For both T-Shirts and Crewnecks, your customers can now select from three different print locations – either full front graphic, full back graphic, or chest graphic. All print locations are automatically available.

Note: We recommend reviewing any artwork applied to T-Shirts and Crewnecks that you previously scaled down to be significantly smaller than the full print area. Scaled down artwork will still print correctly but the chest graphic option might be smaller than desired. If needed, you can make updates by editing in Artist Studio.

New Product Imagery. 

Simply put, our T-Shirt and Crewneck product images needed a refresh. Our new images feature multiple models and better showcase the fit and style of both products.

T-Shirt Only Updates

Revised Color Options. 

We’ve revised our T-Shirt color options to only include the classics – black, white, navy, and heather gray. Our less popular colors like yellow, silver, red, green, and tri-black are no longer available. 

Note: If you already had T-Shirts available in your Society6 shop, we’ve automatically enabled all classic colors. Please review artwork that you currently have enabled on T-Shirts to ensure that they are suitable on all color options. If needed, you can disable colors in your Artist Studio. (For example: If you have a design enabled on T-Shirts that includes black text, you will likely want to disable black as a color option for that particular design.)

Crewneck Only Updates

Additional Color Option. 

Crewneck Sweatshirts are still available in white, black, and heather gray. Plus, we’ve added an all-new dark gray option. 

Note: If you already have Crewneck Sweatshirts enabled in your Society6 shop, we’ve automatically enabled our new dark gray color. We recommend reviewing artwork enabled on Crewneck Sweatshirts to ensure that they are suitable on dark gray.



Olivia Linville

Artist Relations & Development Associate