The Society Six features a selection of new works that caught our eye from artists who recently joined the Society6 community. Come in, explore and find your new favorites.

1. Allison Krumwiede

Los Angeles, CA | Society6 Shop

Stark Graving Mad by Allison Krumwiede

Cloud Nine by Allison Krumwiede

2. Lili Maheux

Montréal, Qc | Society6 Shop

MADE UP MODEL 01 by Lili Maheux


3. Sock Puppet Master

New Jersey | Society6 Shop

Lil' Chicken & The Gang by Sock Puppet Master

PMS Punisher by Sock Puppet Master

4. Carrie Illustration

Hong Kong | Society6 Shop

Lavender Meadow by Carrie Illustration

The Painter by Carrie Illustration

5. LiamEisenberg

Miami, FL | Society6 Shop

Animated Still Life by LiamEisenberg

Miami by LiamEisenberg

6. brynne

WV, USA | Society6 Shop

Frostyyy by brynne

Goats out at Dawn by brynne

Misty Summers

Artist Community & Curation Manager