On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best!), does walking into your home inspire feelings of “OMG YES, I AM HOME IN THIS DOPE AF SPACE” bliss or “OMG WHY DO I LIVE LIKE THIS” dread?

If you’re tipping closer to 1, worry not! There are a million ways to update your place, and window curtains are an oft overlooked but easy place to start.

To get your creative juices flowing (and save you some time), we’ve rounded up ten window curtains that are perfectly on trend for you to fall in love with. Whatever the vibe of your space, these window curtains are all bound to add a distinct creative boost.

1. Geometric Prints

Geometric shapes are fire right now, and with good reason. Bringing in a geometric pattern adds depth and dimension to your windows, and the rigid structure keeps things clean instead of busy and chaotic. We’re obsessed with this super playful (and very delicious) take on diamonds.

2. Terrazzo

The boho darling, terrazzo walks the line between mosaic and marble. The result is a quirky, eye-catching splash of tones and textures perfect against blank white walls.

3. Abstract Lines

Riffing off the geometric trend, applying abstract principles to structured lines brings movement and intrigue into an otherwise common curtain design. We love this sunny yellow for extra oomph.

4. Floral

Floral patterns continue to be one of the hottest window curtain choices, and it’s easy to see why. Whether bright and energetic like the above curtains or more dark and broody, florals can transform the mood of a whole room in an instant.

5. Botanical

Going one step further than blooms alone, botanical prints in general are definitely soaring in popularity. This quirky seaweed pattern is a refreshing take on a trend that’s often filled with palm leaves.

6. Metallic

Metals are still having a moment, and yellow gold is an irresistible classic that complements just about any space you put it in. We’re loving how these gold cut geometric window curtains combine two fierce trends into one.  

8. Eclectic Patterns

One of our favorite trends right now is leaning into the “anything goes” aesthetic, and these GRRRL window curtains capture the feeling perfectly. So go one and let yourself get a little out there, we dare you!

9. Luxe Maximalist

Turn the dial up on boho and you’ll land on maximalism. A lush trend full of colors and drama, this window curtain set embodies the look with its multi-toned pink backdrop featuring a dreamy lounge scene.

9. Watercolor

Watercolor patterns and hues have a timeless effect and look stunner in both modern and boho spaces. This particular cactus prints brings an earthy sweetness to any home, and gets bonus points for hitting the botanical trend, too!

10. Minimalist

Yes, maximalism and minimalism can be trending at the same time, and they definitely are. On the clean and simple side of things, it’s hard to resist a classic black and white line duo.

Written by Lindsey Rose Black

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