The minimal trend is one that doesn’t seem to end.

The appeal of minimalism is broader than IG interiors and Pinterest-inspo, but rather, it’s come to represent the sense of calm that a clutter-free space can give you. Overhauling your home can seem almost impossible for a lot of us, but minimalist thinking doesn’t have to be extreme. Follow these five tips to start small down the path of living more with less.

1. Do A Deep Clean

I KNOW, I KNOW, this is not what you wanted to hear, but unfortunately you’ve gotta purge to get peace! This seems like a daunting task, but chances are once you start you’ll see how easy it actually is. Most of us can become low-key hoarders without even realizing it, but once the rummaging begins, it’s hard to stop! Make different piles of trash, give to friends or give to charity. A good place to start this process is your closet, I guarantee you have a top (or 10) from H&M that you bought five years ago and 100% forgot about. Make a goal to have a clothes swap with friends once you’re done—something to power you through your Sunday purge-fest.

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2. Try Not To Impulse Buy

This is harder said than done, but when it comes to purchases that will be stored in your home, be very mindful. Ask yourself these questions: Do I need this? Do I have room for this? Does this have a real place in my life? Try to respond thoughtfully and honestly to see beyond the momentary desire to HAVE THIS THING (!!). And don’t forget—sometimes it’s cool to throw all of these rules out the window and buy what you want! But you’ll def feel less guilty doing so if you know you’ve been intentional about previous purchases.

3. Invest

There’s tons of options for fast-fashion and cheap home goods, but with a low price tag often comes a low life span. Carry-over the thoughtfulness we mentioned above into saving and purchasing things you know will last. When you’re patient and intentional about your purchases, you’re a lot more likely to buy one high-quality item that will retain it’s value vs. buying tons of cheap stuff that feels good in the moment, but bums you out when it breaks or falls apart a few months down the line.

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4. Up Your Organizing Skills

Some of us were born putting our blocks away and placing our goldfish crackers into neat rows, but for the REST of us, organization is a challenging/ an un-fun burden (just bein’ honest). But, you don’t have to live like your address is The Container Store to pick up on some easy tips that will help clear the clutter in your home. Utilize extra spaces (under the bed, empty luggage) to store things that don’t need to be used during a typical week or designate drawers and cabinets to store specific categories so you’ll always know where things are. Oh, and we love our carry-all pouches for a cute way to hide away all your cords and headphones!

5. Check Your Feelings

Once you’ve done the hard work of purging, purchasing and organizing take a minute to sit in your space and notice how you feel. Are you proud of yourself for finally tackling the clutter that’s been killing you? Do you feel more peaceful being able to look around at your things and actually love each one of them? Try to tap into the joy and gratitude minimalism is designed to make you feel, then when you’re having one of those weeks (or months) where piles start popping up and paying rent, use that blissed out memory as motivation to tidy up again.

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Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content