In the spirit of all things new, we’ve decided to take a different approach to our storytelling this year.

We have a unique opportunity at Society6 to tell stories in a variety of ways, whether through the lens of a new freelancer, a DIY expert or an artist who is finally living out their dreams. So this year, we’ve decided to bring all of these perspectives together each month under one central theme. These monthly themes will allow us to explore a range of topics from almost any view point, all the while harkening back to the central core of what we’ve chosen to explore that particular month.

This month, the first of 2019, we’re focusing on how you choose to take care of yourself.

There’s a lot of talk about self care these days—how we can do more of it and what you can buy to feel its effects. However, this so-called “self-care” is often more confusing and superficial than it is impactful.  We could all agree that caring for yourself is an essential part of being a human being, but chances are that we’d all go about it a bit differently. For me, (hi ?, Stephanie, Editorial Director) self-care looks like choosing to read a book instead of getting lost in a phone rabbit hole, but maybe for you it looks like organizing your closet, committing to drawing one thing every day or journaling about everything and nothing. So this month, we’re encouraging you to think about and work on all the ways in which you can truly take care of yourself.

Get inspired by looking through some of our favorite artwork that celebrates healthy self love.

Self Love by Inkipri

This is Life by Alja Horvat

Mood by Nicole Wargon

Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content