The holiday season is upon us and our head of curation, Nathan, is rounding up the latest product trends to consider as you add new designs to your shop. 

Holiday Pillows

Pillows are an easily swappable decor staple that many customers will change with the seasons. Making sure your designs look great on all the different throw pillow sizes is key to capitalizing this November.

Christmas Sock Pattern Rectangular Pillow

by Iisa Mönttinen

Winter Lunch Throw Pillow

by MarsAndMoi

Mistletoe and Red Berries Rectangular Pillow

by Crystal W Design

Cat on a sock. Holiday. Christmas Throw Pillow

by Mia Charro

Throw Blankets

It’s getting cold! We probably don’t have to tell you that, but colder temperatures mean cozier nights—and there isn’t a more cozy product in the catalog than throw blankets.

Magic Night II Throw Blanket

by Alisa Galitsyna

Straight Geometry Ribbons 1 Throw Blanket

by Mareike Böhmer

Christmas vintage toys Throw Blanket

by Tasiania

Love Cats! Throw Blanket

by Amy Walters

Welcome Mats

Holidays also mean it’s time for guests aplenty. By enabling a variety of holiday-themed welcome mat designs, you’ll provide just the festive touch every customer’s doorstep needs.

Happy Everything Welcome Mat

by june//journal

Holiday Forest Pink Welcome Mat

by Chachi Loves Design

abstraction vol.17 Welcome Mat

by digitalroughs

16 Abstract Shapes - Neutral White I Welcome Mat

by colour poems

Coffee Mugs

Remember above when we said it’s cold… well, it’s cold! So consider coffee mugs as well when enabling and uploading new designs. The difference maker here is to not simply enable pre-existing designs, but also consider how they’ll look on a cylinder form. Where is the negative space landing on the mug and is it worth repeating the featured design on both sides of the mug?

Really Really Really Fucking Cold (B&W) Coffee Mug

by Julia Green

Milk & Cookies Pattern - Red Coffee Mug

by Kelly Gilleran

Yeti Mountain Coffee Mug

by Emerald Skye

Christmas Winter Cute Reindeers Coffee Mug

by Ninola

Ali Peugh

Director, Artist Community