Whether you’re heading off to college for the first time or you’re a “seasoned student,” there are certain back-to-school supplies that every dorm dweller needs to have.

We’ve team up with independent artists around the world so you can have everyday goods that reflect your taste and personality. Here are 10 dorm room decor items you simply can’t do without.

1. Dorm bedding with a burst of color

Your bedding doesn’t have to be dreary at all. Making your bed as comfortable (and stylish) as possible starts with a comforter that’s both lightweight and warm. Right now, we’re digging colorful patterns, whether they’re checkered, floral, modern, or minimalist.

2. Throw pillows in playful, organic prints and designs

When it comes to dorm room ideas for design, we love injecting playful, organic throw pillows in any space that needs a little oomph. We can’t get enough of this modern cheetah print, this abstract, figurative design, or this retro daisy.

3. Pillow shams that brighten your space

The best way to remedy a meh looking bed? Pillow shams. Add colorful pillow shams for a whimsical accent. We are loving these Cactus Blue pillow shams, this abstract figurative design, and you can’t go wrong with this class stripe pattern.

4. An eye-catching art print for the common areas

If you’re looking for ways to spice up the shared spaces without going overboard, check out our collection of curated goods for your dorm decor. You can’t go wrong with a framed, abstract art print—it might even be the piece that sparks you to cultivate a gallery wall in the coming months!

5. A curated collection of framed mini art prints

If you’re ready to get a head start on creating that gallery wall, framed mini art prints are a great way to go. Consider this formula: select a motif or a color. Then curate the artworks with that theme or color palette in mind. That way, you’ll create a cohesive look between the varying prints.

6. Neon posters for the room’s focal point

We love an eye-catching poster for any room, especially if it captures a surreal landscape view of a beloved city. Neon is especially useful for a stylish pop of color—it livens up a space and immediately draws the eye.

7. Playful posters that set the mood for the day

We adore this “Happy Smiley Face” poster—the pink hue is soothing to look at first thing in the morning and before you fall asleep. If you want a different kind of vibe with a similar pink hue, this “Far Out” poster might fit the bill.

8. A wall clock with style

An item that is often overlooked as one of the college dorm room essentials is a wall clock. It’s especially useful if you’re trying to avoid phone distractions while studying but still need to keep track of the time. We have a whole collection of wall clocks to explore, but this mustard yellow numbers clock is one of our faves!

9. Acrylic trays with bold colors and designs

We can’t get enough of this “Chill Pill” design for an acrylic tray, a useful and decorative item that people often don’t think of when it comes to dorm room decor. This nifty tray helps you stay organized and keeps your knick-knacks in one spot so your desk space stays more organized. Marie Kondo would approve—we’re certain of it!

10. Colorful, whimsical hand and bath towels

If there’s one space in our homes that can benefit from a little bit of playfulness, it’s the bathroom. We highly recommend having two or three terry-cloth bath towels that put a smile on your face. And this t-rex in a tub always makes us happy.

We want to see how you style your Society6 items on your college campus or apartment—be sure to tag us on Instagram!