Wall tapestries are no doubt our most versatile product. They might be pros at turning a blank wall into a colorful canvas, but their innovative styling options are essentially endless.

So if you need a reason to buy one (or three!) or if you’re looking to refresh the use of your tried and true, San Diego-based stylist and photographer Arielle Vey is here to give us a few tips on the fresh ways she uses her wall tapestries. Have you put your own wall tapestry to creative use? Tell us about it in the comments below!

1. A Better Bedspread

Comforters are often an investment, so when you’re aching for a new bedroom feel, it can be hard to justify buying another expensive bedspread. Don’t be bummed—tapestries are an affordable way to give your bed some new vibes. Just lay the tapestry over your existing duvet or comforter and hello change! As someone who loves to switch up my style (especially for the seasons), this has been an easy and effective way to keep things from ever feeling stale.

Dolce Rose Wall Tapestry

2. An Outdoor Oasis

We should all spend more time outdoors—never mind pleasant breezes or fragrant flowers, the Vitamin D alone is enough to brighten any mood! So, when that outdoor inspiration strikes, I recommend grabbing a wall tapestry to serve as a “picnic” blanket. As light as it is soft, it’ll fit into your tote with ease, leaving you plenty of room for your books, laptop, and La Croixs for all. Plus, if you get a little over-eager with your PB and J, just throw it in the wash and it’ll be clean in to time!

Tropical Winter Wall Tapestry

3. The Instant Centerpiece

I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for wallpaper, but the price, commitment level and effort are a bit daunting. Thankfully, if placed thoughtfully, a wall tapestry can obtain the same bold, focal-point effect! Measure the wall you want to spruce-up and make sure you order a tapestry with similar dimensions. Depending on the size, nailing it into the wall at the four corners (and maybe at a few other points) can create a flush look that’s comparable to any wallpaper that you know and love!

Stay Gold Wall Tapestry

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Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content