You’ve heard it before — everything comes back into style eventually.

This may be a rule of thumb for fashion, but we think the same goes for interiors. (Mid-century modern, anyone?) Looking to the past can be a great way to refresh your space if you need a little inspo. So, we asked fashion blogger and designer Amy Roiland of A Fashion Nerd to show us how she gave her “fashion room” (goals, right?) a retro-inspired redo in just a few easy steps. Check them out!

I’m an eyewear designer as well as a blogger at A Fashion Nerd. In addition to being the name of my blog (and my Instagram handle), “fashion nerd” pretty much sums up the part of me that I wanted to channel into my fashion room makeover. It’s the room housing my closet and workspace. It was time to bring some style to one of my favorite rooms in the Los Angeles apartment my husband Ben Bayouth and I share with our kitty cat, Davos Gucci, and our dog, Noonie.

Tropical Jungle Hibiscus Wallpaper

Make a Splash

I’ve always loved wallpaper. Well, I’ve always loved how wallpaper LOOKS: it’s fun and retro, which is totally my vibe. However, the tediousness of the wallpaper-applying process is decidedly not my vibe. But! I found a super cool, cute SELF-ADHESIVE wallpaper! That’s right—you just peel and stick! It was so easy; definitely an upgrade from the last time I tried pasting up traditional wallpaper, which ended in me just stapling the thing to the wall. This was WAY easier. Plus, it’s nontoxic, which is a major plus for not only me, but also for Davos Gucci and Noonie! The hibiscus flower print I chose makes the whole room shine and has the bold look and vibrant feel that I love.  

Mikado Framed Art Print

Crossing the Street Framed Art Print

Greece Bliss Framed Art Print

Design an Art Wall

I am all about accessories. Since I was younger, I have always been obsessed with the smallest details — from clothes to room design. To complete the walls, I ordered three new framed prints to hang. The unique flair they add feels polished, and now it’s like I have my own mini-gallery. I also added a cute mirror and a rose cross stitch to drive home that fun vintage feel.

Pink! Rug

Add Finishing Touches

Last but not least, I found the PERFECT rug. It’s my exact style, from the color to the print! Now my fashion room is filled to the brim with pastel colors and retro prints. When I walk into my made-over room, I feel like I’m in the Gucci/Wes Anderson collab of my dreams. I shoot so many of my images myself and now I don’t even have to go on the hunt for an IG-worthy backdrop. The tropical wallpaper is on-trend but also has the vintage touch I love to incorporate into my pics. I also love using the rug to capture shots. I even sneak the cutest photos of Davos when he lounges around on my new statement piece!


Tropical Jungle Hibiscus Wallpaper

by UtArt


Pink! Rug

by Helo Birdie


Mikado Framed Art Print

by Tracie Andrews


Crossing the Street Framed Art Print

by swanderfulthings


Jessica McQueen