Photographer and interior decorator, Arielle Vey, is a pro at decorating, redecorating and redecorating again.

She invites us into her Oceanside apartment to teach you four creative ways to style the same wall, each with it’s own theme. You’ll see she uses little things like pillows, mirrors and blankets to tie the room together with the art…and it looks good.


Featuring Framed Art Prints and Posters, Arielle likes to keep the process of building a gallery wall pretty simple. She arranges everything on the ground, takes a picture of it, and eyeballs the hanging the process. To be honest, it works out pretty well.


Nothing is easier than a Wall Tapestry. You can fill up a whole wall with two tacks and you’re done. You’ll rarely need to add any additional wall accessories because a Wall Tapestry is such a statement on it’s own.


Wood Wall Art is a great addition to any wall you want to get attention. Since Art Deco is one of Arielle’s favorite themes, she complimented her wall art with an art deco vibe mirror and plant hangings.


In the name of keeping things simple, Arielle chose to keep her mirror and floating plants in place. She thought a Wall Tapestry was the easiest to hang, but our Wall Hangings might take the cake–only required a single tack and you’re done!

To shop any of the pieces seen in this video, check out Arielle’s collection here.

The Optimist Framed Art Print

by Laura Graves


Catch A Wave Wall Tapestry

by Ingrid Beddoes photography


Shape Study #11 Wood Wall Art

by mpgmb


Joshua Tree Wall Hanging

by Sisi And Seb


Sooky Canvas Print

by seventy eight


Tropicalia Throw Blanket

by Grace


Calandrinia Floor Pillow

by Heart of Hearts Designs


Lotus Throw Pillow

by basilique


Ben Renschen


Formerly: Artist Development Manager at Society6