Let’s be real, we all love a good life hack.

There’s nothing better than realizing you’ve been doing something the hard way for legit your whole life and then finally being freed from that evil stress trap. Photographer Arielle Vey also shares our love of taking the easy way out, so she helped us put together a list of five essential home decor hacks that’ll have you saying—”um, am I Joanna Gaines now??”.


How To Put On A Duvet Cover Without Wanting To Scream

1. Turn your duvet cover inside out.

2. Tie the top two corners of the duvet cover to the duvet (oh, so THAT’S what those strings are for!).

3. Tie the bottom two corners the same way.

4. Go to the bottom of the duvet where the zipper is and go inside with your hands/arms and grab the TOP two corners (the first ones you tied).

5. Pull those corners inside out (so now it’s the correct way) and fold over the rest of the duvet cover onto the duvet.

6. Zip closed, you’re done AND you aren’t questioning all of your life choices!

How To Hang Curtains So They Look Super Profesh

1. Before you buy curtains, measure from 5-7 inches above your window frame to a few inches above the ground. Hanging curtains from this height will make your space look bigger, so make sure you buy curtains that are long enough!

2. Hang your curtain rod brackets (or like, make your dad do it) at that 5-7 inch mark you initially measured from.

3. Slip your curtains on the rod et voila—your ceilings look higher, your windows look bigger and you are a boss.

How To Quickly Hang Artwork Without The Guesswork

1. Make a small, light pencil mark on the wall where you want the top of your artwork to hang.

2. Turn the frame over, pull up on the hanging wire and measure from where the nail would be to the top of the frame.

3. With that measurement (usually a couple of inches), measure down from the initial pencil mark on the wall and mark that spot—that’s where your nail will go.

4. Hammer time and hang!

How To Fold Towels To Save Space & Your Sanity

1. Hold up your towel and fold one side over 2/3 of the way “hotdog” style (what’s up Kindergarten!).

2. Fold the remaining side over to meet with the other fold so you have one long strip.

3. Fold in half down and repeat until the towel is in a small rectangle.

4. Put away and feel the organization power surge through you.

How To Cover Ugly Sh*t On Your Walls With A Canvas Print

1. Find the weird ancient ethernet cable outlet or power surge box you want to hide, as long as it doesn’t stick out more than apx. 1 inch from the wall, you’re good.

2. Hang canvas (see above steps) over the offending object/smudge/ paint chip.

3. Yer a wizard, Harry!

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