Increase traffic and sales with marketing material that seamlessly fits your vibe.

Welcome to Chapter 2 of the Society6 Artist Bootcamp. As artists, we’re protective of our creative process to foster its growth. The next step, out of necessity, is turning fans into customers so you can continue down that creative path.

GET STARTED: How To Know Which of Your Products Will Attract The Most Customers

A lot of times, fans are interested in buying your work, but don’t realize you have prints or products for sale. Help them understand it’s there. The more sales you get, the easier it is to justify time spent on artwork, which empowers you to earn more sales, which let’s you spend more time on artwork, etcetera, etcetera. Eventually, you have a steady stream of passive income…and that’s the goal right?

We’ll cover a handful of proven techniques to help you get more eyes on your artwork so that you can start earning consistent sales.

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Ben Renschen


Formerly: Artist Development Manager at Society6