Welcome to part two of our four part social media series with artist Christine Lindstrom!

Christine is the founder and designer behind the brand Mai Autumn. With her highly engaged Instagram following, she’s been able to successfully develop and monetize her business through social media. We turned to her for some helpful tips and tricks on how to utilize social media as an artist. Below, she outlines how to build a social media calendar. Check it out! 

Planning ahead with a social calendar is a great way to stay consistent and organized in your online marketing strategy. Here, I will break down the different tools and tricks to effectively and easily plan your social media content and grow your following!

1. Planning tools and making a visual impact

There are many tools specifically designed to help organize online media. A few services I use in my own content scheduling are Tailwind for both Pinterest and Instagram, Later for Instagram, and Trello for a more comprehensive content organizer.

It may also be helpful to create a spreadsheet or Google Sheet with specific holidays, dates of interest and your promotional schedule. Conveniently, Society6 sends out their Artist Heads Up outlining that week’s promotions to add to your calendar.

Using planning apps also allows you to create a consistent visual impact with your grid on apps like Instagram. If you want to keep to a specific color scheme or grid style, Later and Tailwind both have a feature that lets you see future content on your grid as you’re planning it.

2. Organizing ideas and media

When it comes to organizing your actual content, it’s best to keep most of your images and copy in places that are easy to organize and access, so that you won’t be searching through months worth of photos of your cat in between those pictures of your studio that you styled a few months ago.

I like to keep folders on Dropbox, as well as a folder of notes on my phone, where I write out any inspiration or potential captions. This way, when it comes time to plan my social calendar, everything is organized and ready to be plugged into my scheduled content.

3. Deciding on content categories

Mixing up the types of posts that you share will ensure that your brand and profile stay fresh and interesting. Having a variety of day-to-day insights, inspiration behind your work, some info about your studio and supplies or any other meaningful topics that pertain to you as a creative, will make your online presence stand out. Having these content categories in addition to posting your physical creations will also make it easier to schedule a variety of content that gets your fans and followers talking. The main point of social media is to interact and engage with your followers. Having an array of topics to discuss with your fans helps to create a community, and foster a better relationship between both artist and follower.

Organizing a social calendar doesn’t have to be complicated or daunting. It can really tie together your brand, as well as free up space in both your schedule and your mind for your other creative pursuits. After all, we didn’t sign up for this life to be glued to our phones! Most of all, have fun with it and you will definitely see the benefits of planning ahead.

Olivia Linville

Artist Relations & Development Associate