The September artist playlist is here! Each month we’re asking one music-loving artist to create a custom playlist of their favorite songs. This month, we’re kicking back and relaxing with Camille Allen’s picks. Take a listen and check out our chat below!

Introduce yourself and your work!

Hey, it’s Camille Allen! I’m a Cincinnati-based artist and I love exploring fun themes in my designs using bright colors and abstract concepts.

Could you tell us about the playlist you put together? 

This playlist is a collection of my all-time favorite songs and the songs that really get my creative juices flowing. Similar to my art stylet, my taste in music is pretty diverse and this mix covers a range of different moods, genres, and themes. I’ve included some upbeat mood-boosters as well as some mellow tracks that get me more focused and relaxed.

What song or artist do you have on repeat recently? 

The Aces are my favorite band right now! I’ve been following their stuff for a while but their latest album is so good! If I ever get the chance to travel internationally again, catch me on their Europe tour! I also relay like Galimatias. His sound is a nice blend of electronic music and R&B that I really vibe with.

If your art were a music genre, what would it be? 

Probably femme pop with some jazz and funk influence. Hope that makes sense haha!

How do you describe your musical taste?

I would describe my musical taste as easy listening. I’m drawn to anything with a smooth beat, funky bass riff or a mellow guitar melody, and it isn’t determined by any genre, language, or era. My taste is also heavily influenced by the people I know. I’m lucky to have friends that love to share with me what they are listening to 🙂

What part does music play in your creative process?

Music has always been a driving factor in my creative process. Once I get my headphones on, sit down at my laptop and settle into a playlist, I can work for 13 hours straight without batting an eye. That moment when I lose myself in the music is when I can truly start creating something that captures how I’m feeling.

at the pool

by camilleallen

hermit habitat

by camilleallen

outer space face time

by camilleallen

Girl vs. Monstera

by camilleallen

Beach Van

by camilleallen

messy bun cozy sweater

by camilleallen

a private picnic in the spring

by camilleallen


by camilleallen

Olivia Linville

Artist Relations & Development Associate