Each month we’re asking one music-loving artist to create a custom playlist of their favorite songs. This month, Sagepizza put together a mood-boosting playlist that will keep you vibing right into summer. Take a listen and check out our chat below!

Introduce yourself and your work!

Hi there! I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Phoenix, Arizona! Because of the freedom that comes with my job, I bounce around a lot between California, Colorado, and recently Hawaii where my best friend just moved to! I would say that my work is bright and fun and hopefully puts a smile on your face when you see it. I like to create artwork that people can find relatable through positive messages and imagery. I would definitely say I am inspired by the desert and the West Coast. Being in the sun and the ocean is my happy place so I think that comes through in my work.

Could you tell us about the playlist you put together?

I just spent a month in Hawaii and I was listening to a lot of these songs on repeat. I love something upbeat and wavy that I can just vibe to. This playlist reminds me of driving to the beach on the highway and passing the thick green covered mountains on the way, sticking my arm out of the window and feeling the sun on my skin.

What song or artist do you have on repeat recently?

I have been listening to a lot of BENEE and Between Friends lately! I think they are the perfect artists for a summer playlist. Most played song is probably “Blues” by Olive Amun.

If your art were a music genre, what would it be?

I guess I would say Indie Pop!? I have a mix of both ~sad girl~ and positive messages in my artwork but all sugar coated with pastel color schemes.

How do you describe your musical taste?

I would definitely say I am all over the place. A real “get you a girl who can do both” if you will. My go-to will probably always be Indie pop and alternative but I can definitely get down to the likes of Megan Thee Stallion or Justin Beiber. I like it aaaaaall.

What part does music play in your creative process?

Music is everything to my creative process! Before I even begin on a sketch or get back on my computer, the air pods go in. Depending on how stressful a project is, I will either go with a purely instrumental album (Tycho) or playlist (“Living In The Library” playlist on Apple Music) or something mellow (like Real Estate, another go-to). If I’m working on something purely for myself with no pressures attached, I will listen to something that gets me stoked – something like this playlist I’m sharing with you! 🙂


by Sagepizza


by Sagepizza

Margarita Reading (Updated)

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