On Monday, August 21 the western hemisphere will be treated to a very rare total eclipse of the sun for the first time in almost 100 years.

Even if you’re not in the “path of totality” you can still get a glimpse of our moon passing directly in front of the sun no matter where you are in the continental US. Of course, everyone knows you shouldn’t look directly into the sun—even  when it’s covered by the moon! So in case you haven’t already grabbed a pair, here’s a link to where you can find some special solar glasses.

In honor of this very rare event, we put together a collection of designs inspired by eclipses—check out some of our faves:

Solar Eclipse by Yuri Shwedoff

Solar Eclipse by Beth Hoeckel

Eclipse by Trevor May

One Of Those Summer Days by Polishpattern

Downing by Charlotte Winter

Eclipsia by Mariano Peccinetti

Lunar Pattern Eclipse Carry-All Pouch

by Lord Of Masks


Planetarium Wall Tapestry

by Delirious


Minimalist Canvas Print

by Kodiak Milly


Distance iPhone Case

by Beth Hoeckel


Moon Phases iPhone Case

by Markéta Stengl


Corona Canvas Print

by Leafandpetal


Chiang Mai Wall Tapestry

by Sara Cannon Art


Eclipse Tote Bag

by Tracie Andrews


Header artwork by The Invisible Realm

Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content