Earn more by offering your customers a deal available exclusively through you!

Artist promos are an excellent way for you to incentivize customers to visit and purchase exclusively from your shop.

We have a handy link builder that will be made available as soon as an artist promo goes live. It’s really easy to use and we explain it below.


What savings can you offer your customers?

Visit s6.co/promos to see if there’s an active Artist Promo happening now.


What is an artist promo?

Your artist promo is a special offer or discount on your products available exclusively through you. You have a unique link or code you can promote your shop with. 


How do I create my artist promo?

Visit https://society6.com/account/promo to use the promo link builder. Note: The link builder will only be accessible when an Artist Promo is live on the site.

The link builder helps you create a shareable link to your artist shop that includes your promo code. If anyone clicks through via your link, the promotional offer will automatically be applied at your customer’s checkout.

Example of sending traffic directly to your shop URL.

What if you just want to share the artist promo code?

You can do that too! Go to your link builder. The numbers and letters appearing after ?promo= is your unique, shareable code that can only be used on items in your shop. Customer must apply your code at checkout.

This is where you'll find your shareable artist promo code.

Can I use the artist promo link and my affiliate link?

Yes! To do so, grab your unique link from the linkbuilder and add &curator=username (make sure to use your own username) to the link prior to sharing.

Ben Renschen



Formerly: Artist Development Manager at Society6