Inside this brief, our team highlights all the important dates, trends and products that we’ll be featuring and, more importantly, customers will be searching for this fall and Back to School season.

Speaking of Back to School, our marketing campaign this year is called Inspired by U and will run from mid-July through September. It’s clear that the upcoming school year will have a new feel and purpose to it as students will either return to campus or continue their studies from home. Our campaign will be a reflection of this new normal by featuring decor and trends inspired by all the places people will be working from this year.

Calendar of Key Events  

This season is full of opportunities to promote your business. Below we’ve outlined the main events and product launches that we’ll be focusing on through marketing and promotions. 

In early August we will be launching Android Phone Cases. This much requested product will be available for Google Pixel, LG and Samsung smart phones in both the Slim and Tough styles. This product will be easy to enable by using the same assets used for iPhone cases. Stay tuned for more details!


7/15 Back to School Catalog hits mailboxes!


First Day of School
Android Cases Launch (Announcement Coming Soon!)
8/8 International Cat Day
8/24 National Waffle Day
8/26 National Dog Day 


9/7 Labor Day
9/29 International Coffee Day

Fall / Back to School Trend Report 

Your roundup of trending themes that customers can’t get enough of. Whether you are an illustrator, pattern designer or photographer, we can’t wait to see how you interpret these trends in your own unique style.

“It is always inspiring to see how artists express themselves through their work, and I have been especially awe-struck to see the heart and passion shine through so many new designs during these unprecedented times. No matter what your medium, the voice and perspective you share is resonating with our community. What’s the trend we are looking forward to this fall? Authenticity.”

– Meghan, Merchandising Manager

Trending Themes

Bold & Bright – This trend takes the classic jewel tones of fall, and takes them up a notch with pops of neon pink and electric blue. Unexpected in all the right ways.
Featured Art: Dreamy Reactions by Wilmer Murillo

Boho Sunrise – Another trend making the seasonal shift. This variation takes a note from desert sunrises in warm yellows and sun-ray patterns.
Featured Art: girl in shades by nawaalillustrations 

Retro Blooms – Our spring trend is transitioning into fall. The colors are changing with the leaves on the trees; look for rusty-hues and burt-oranges, some monochrome looks are emerging as well!
Featured Art: Nostalgia in the garden by Alja Horvat

Mythical Iconography – Minimalism meets Astrology meets Neoclassical. Think cave paintings but with modern-world subject matter and in colors all across the spectrum.
Featured Art: Myths by Anyuka

Crafted Collage – Modular and organic at the same time. Matisse-inspired shapes, abstract lines with painterly elements. This trend takes many forms and is always looking for a new spin.
Featured Art: Searching through pages by Victoria Laniese

Modern Quilt – Inspired by old world quilts and your grandparents wallpaper, these patterns range from the classic floral to bold stripes with a modern lens on it all. These designs are great when paired with our home decor and bedding products!
Featured Art: Modern Quilt Pattern by Cina Catteau

Top 10 Search Terms

These are the terms that customers are searching for again and again. Consider adding these as tags to relevant artwork or use as inspiration to create something new.

1. Beach
2. Matisse
3. Cat
4. Ocean
5. Moon
6. Rainbow
7. Space
8. Abstract
9. Butterfly
10. Black and White

Trending Search Terms

We took a deep dive into the numbers to bring you the biggest search-term movers this season. 

Matisse >> +255%
Line Art >> +101%
Black Lives Matter >> +4483%
Rainbow >> +36%
Butterfly >> +88%

"Napping Ginger Cat in Pink Jungle Garden Room"

"Butterfly Beauties" by Alison Janssen

Trending Products

Each month we’ll be focusing on a key list of products that have high-demand from customers. What this means is that we’ll be marketing and running promotions with the goal of driving sales in these categories throughout the back to school season—helping you decide what to promote and when.

“Statement-making products are the heroes of the season. Tapestries, wallpaper, throw pillows, rugs, wall hangings and window curtains are one-piece wonders that can fully transform a space. Spending so much time at home these last few months have us all craving some change without breaking the bank – these products are great for making a space feel like yours if you’re heading to the dorms or into your first apartment too!”

– Meghan, Merchandising Manager

High-Demand Product Insights

We’re breaking down which products are seeing an increase in demand during the next three months.

Apparel (Graphic Tees + T Shirts + Tank Tops) >> +40%
Backpack >> +300%
Face Masks >> Trending Up
Bath Mat >> +40%
Shower Curtain >> +18%
Comforter / Duvet >> +20%
Furniture >> +40%
Tapestry >> +30%
Outdoor >> +30%
Laptop Sleeves >> +50%
Wall Art >> Always trending 

In particular, we’ve seen an incredible response to our recent Face Mask launch and this product has become an instant bestseller. If you haven’t already enabled this product, now is the time to do so!

Monthly Product Trends 

Each month we’ll be focusing on a few key categories with our on site promotions. Consider adding these categories to your shop, enabling new work on these products, and promoting these category sales.




TERRARIUM Wall Tapestry

by Beth Hoeckel

Good Vibes Throw Pillow

by Natalie Catalina

Rising Moon | 2 Poster

by Devante Louis

Oh you gotta terra cotta Face Mask

by KalypsoHarvey

Trending on Social 

Motivational Monday Everyday!

School has been…different this year and the way moving forward is still uncertain. While we can’t predict how and when life will go back to “normal” we’re seeing our audience find ways to keep themselves motivated in the meantime by surrounding themselves with messages of positivity and affirmation in the spaces they live and work in every day. 

"Positive Energy" | Photo and art by Alisa Galitsyna (@aliska_gal)

"This is a Good Day to Have a Good Day" | Photo by Danielle Knight (@danielle.knight_) | Art by Rhianna Marie Chan

Creative Prompt: Vote!

Art inspires action so we’re encouraging you, our artist community, to use your creative talents to inspire others to get out and vote.

"Vote Vote Vote Vote" by Peggy Dean

"I've Got the Power" by Kath Nash

Community Team Tips 

Only design for and promote the trends that feel relevant to you and your business. Authenticity is key! 

If you haven’t already, enable our newest product Face Masks in your shop. To learn more about this product, check out our technical walkthrough here.

Sort your storefront by trending products and review our new “My Products” tab to see if you have any designs with products waiting to be enabled! 

Build your own social media calendar around our list of key holidays and product launches.

Don’t forget that you can earn more on sales that you refer, by joining the affiliate program. Learn more here.

Wishing you a successful Back to School season!

– The Artist Community Team

Ali Peugh

Director, Artist Community