It’s that magical season when we start planning for the school year ahead. And what better way to prepare than with eye-catching back-to-school supplies that reflects your personality?

We’ve got you covered with exciting dorm room decor featuring all kinds of products and styles—abstract, digital designs, illustration, watercolor, and more. And as always, the best part is that each sale pays an independent artist for their unique work! Check out our back to school shopping guide with college dorm essentials including school supplies, coffee cups, yoga mats, and much, much more!

Retro laptop sleeves and phone cases

An eye-catching laptop sleeve and phone case is a great way to showcase your personal taste. And you can’t go wrong with a retro design. We’re huge fans of stripes, shapes, and other graphic elements in a vintage color palette.

Water bottles with an abstract, minimalist design

Considering it’s an everyday item, you can never have too many water bottles—especially bottles with one-of-a-kind designs. We love abstract, minimalist designs, but if you prefer something more whimsical or colorful, you’ll have plenty to choose from!

An eye-catching, colorful wall tapestry

We have a vast offering of colorful wall tapestries that are sure to be the focal point of any dorm room or college apartment. And if you’re looking for something more minimalist or modern, you’ll have plenty of other options to explore as well.

Meme-inspired backpacks

Wearing a meme-inspired backpack is bound to get attention and get the conversation started wherever you go, so this is a win-win. If you prefer a more timeless design for your pack, we love this gingham-inspired design (there’s also this colorful option).

Pillows and bedding with warped and checked patterns

These 60s and 70s-inspired patterns for bedding are soothing to look at and super cozy to collapse into after a busy day on campus. We curated a collection of warped and checked items to include in your “Dorm Room Ideas” vision board (to manifest soon enough)!

Notebooks and stickers with cat and dog motifs

You’ll be seeing a lot of your analog and digital notebooks during the school day. So why not personalize your notebooks and stickers with happy reminders of your favorite pet(s)?

Tote bags and carry-all pouches in Pantone-approved colors

You can’t go wrong with tote bags or carry-all pouches in this year’s Pantone colors: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. And of course we curated a whole collection of items with these colors in mind to fulfill all your dorm room dreams.

Statement coffee mugs and travel cups

Where there’s studying, there’s bound to be lots of coffee and tea. Have fun with a statement mug or travel cup with quotes that will keep you smiling (and also prevent you from crying into your textbook). An added bonus—our travel cups will help reduce single-use waste—winning!

Yoga mats with nature-inspired designs

When you’re in the thick of things—course-work, tests, and studying—it can be hard to take a break and go outside. Let our nature-inspired yoga mat designs transport you, however briefly, during your yoga or meditation session.

Posters that inspire you to travel

Posters are the quintessential college dorm staple, at least in our opinion. So make yours distinctive with eye-catching designs. We love prints that remind us of distant locations we want to visit or tokens of places we’ve already been.

We hope our back-to-school guide inspires you to inject your personal taste and style as you explore back-to-school sales—these Society6 items are sure to stand out, help you express yourself, and support independent artists around the world!