Dudes, we love you, but you have got to clean your bathrooms. Let’s face it: bathrooms are inevitably kind-of gross. You can’t change that, but you can take steps to make yours feel more like The Ritz and less like the gas station. It’s time to make your bathroom a girl friendly bathroom, a GFB! (the BFG’s more feminist cousin). I believe in you, Society6 believes in you, and photographer Stefan Wigand believes in you so much he penned these eight tips, an eightfold path to power-room enlightenment if you will. So suit up, scrub up, and make your washroom actually welcoming.

First impressions are very important when a lady comes to your house for the first time. You can have all the right moves, but as soon as she steps through your door therewill be judgement. You can have fancy furniture, Egyptian cotton sheets, and a perfectly curated record collection, but the place that a girl checks first, that drives her opinion of you the most is your bathroom. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your bathroom a Girl Friendly Bathroom.

1. Clean the damn thing!

There is nothing worse than a dirty bathroom. I think it’s generally assumed that dudes don’t know how to clean, so it’s an easy place to start breaking down those preconceived notions. Get some scrubbing bubbles, get to work, and don’t be shy! Get in those nooks and crannies and make sure there is no spot left behind, you’re not in college anymore.

2. Soap

Don’t just buy the grocery store soap. There is nothing more impressive then having some fancy brand of Australian soap sitting on your sink. Well worth the investment, but If you can’t afford the good stuff, just buy it once and refill it with the cheap stuff!

3. Grooming

A well groomed man shows that he takes care of himself. No more axe body spray and random body wash. Get some good stuff that will make you smell nice. It also looks pretty damn good on your shelf when she’s scanning the john.

4. Clock

Punctuality is something everyone should have. Don’t be that flakey LA guy that shows up to your date late. Keep a clock in bathroom so you can stay on top of it.

5. Good Reading Material

Nothing says more about a guy than the literature he keeps in his company. Leave a couple of your favorite reads in the bathroom so she sees how distinguished you are.

6. Incense

There is nothing worse then a girl showing up to your house after you dropped the kids off and she wants to use your bathroom. Don’t use that gross spray stuff, get a nice man candle and if you’re feeling spiritual, burn some sage or palo santo.

7. Tooth Brush

Good dental hygiene is important. You could be the biggest stud in the world, but if you’ve got smelly breath, you’ve got no chance.

8. Cacti

There is no easier way to decorate your house then a couple cacti. Even if you don’t have one single green thumb, it’s cool because they are pretty much impossible to kill. Just watch out keeping the prickly ones too close to the toilet. I have unfortunately made that mistake.

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