Each week, our curation team has the pleasure of exploring the treasure trove of uploads from Society6 artists to find the very best from around our community.

In this digest, let us do the discovering for you as we highlight new trends and rising artists that have caught our eye.

Fresh Finds

New Artists to Watch

We love welcoming new artists into our Society6 community! Check out their shops and get to know their amazing work.

Chetan Singh Kunwar

Max Well

Madeleine McMichael

Stilllife Art Print by Chetan Singh Kunwar

Her Art Print by max well

Flower Power Art Print by Madeleine McMichael

Through the Lens

New in Photography

Here’s a group of artists who recently captured our attention. Get inspired by their work—we sure are!

Tumbleweed and Fireflies


Window into the woods, Sweden by Tumbleweed and Fireflies

Macro photo - Ice flowers 3 Art Print by Diewke


Modern B+W Vermicular

Vermicular patterns are highly decorative patterns you often find on 18th and 19th century vintage French and English printed cotton fabrics. This highly versatile style is often used as a filler or background and characterized as irregular or labyrinth like with lines, shapes, florals and plant motifs.

KRAFT STELLA Art Print by holli zollinger

Black & Cream Study 1 Art Print by Josh Kulchar

Herbs II Art Print by Alisa Galitsyna

Mid Century Flower Garden Pattern 381 Black and White Art Print by Tony Magner

vintage flowers black Art Print by Garima Dhawan

Black & White Waves Marble Painting Digital Art Art Print by Ballery Design


Pom Pom

Adorable, fuzzy, multi-colored balls of joy — pom-poms have been spicing up our wardrobe for generations. The word is said to have originated from the French word “pompon” during the 18th century. Fun fact: In South America, traditional garments of both men and women have been decorated with different colored pom-poms as a signal of their marital status.

Coloring You Art Print by emaartist (Ema Ishii)

Oaxaca vibes 3 Art Print by Sol Grillo

Pimp my ride Art Print by picturing juj

The pom pom women Art Print by Nesma Moharam



From protective clothing to couture, latex has always been edgy meets high fashion with a side of delightfully tacky. Here’s a roundup of photography inspired by the fun, funky, and fabulous material with a liquid sheen and skin-tight stretch.

The Gallery Art Print by Linas Vaitonis

Red for Filth Art Print by Alejandro Ibarra

Bananahand Art Print by Elena Koycheva

Lamp Art Print by wenzdai

Kitchen Sandwich Art Print by Kristina Lechner

Axe me again Art Print by peachpit



If you missed this internet moment, we’re sorry. (And also, where were you?!) Artists had a lot of fun playing with this viral sensation. Enjoy!

Bernie's Mittens Art Print by marikacowan

Bernie Art Print by AbstractDezins

Bernie Art Print by elloevelin

Mittens Art Print by Jane Gardner

Bernie Sanders - Feel the Bern Art Print by Cest Dania