Each week, our curation team has the pleasure of exploring the treasure trove of uploads from Society6 artists to find the very best from around our community.

In this digest, let us do the discovering for you as we highlight new trends and rising artists that have caught our eye.

Fresh Finds

New Artists to Watch

We love welcoming new artists into our Society6 community! Check out their shops and get to know their amazing work.

Kadna Anda (London)


Sweets Art Print by Kadna Anda


Through the Lens

New in Photography

These artists recently captured our attention. Get inspired by their work—we sure are!

Rodrigo Vargas (Lisbon)

Romane Gayraud (Paris)

Iranian Roadtrip Art Print by Rodrigo Vargas

Subway Art Print by Romane Gayraud

Color Story


Pantone is Color of the Year 2021! We’re in love with the marriage of Ultimate Gray 17-5104 and Illuminating 13-0647. Together, they create a feeling of power and optimism, two things we could definitely use a big dose of right now.

Silan Art Print by Tracie Andrews

Wonky Ovals in Yellow Art Print by Becky Bailey

Yellow Honeycomb Art Print by Cassia Beck

Corpsica 6 Art Print by Chad Wys

Gray Poodles Pattern (Yellow Background) Art Print by illucalliart



Get festive and pile on the tartan! A timeless pattern of crisscrossed, horizontal and vertical bands. Worn chiefly by the Scottish Highlanders, each of these flashes its own distinctive plaid.

Tristan Film 7 Art Print by lydiahudgens

Calf-feine Art Print by Lizzie Darden

Helping Hands- Pinky Promise Art Print by Holly Jo Photo

Proper Art Print by Justin Albaniel

Vogue #83 Art Print by Zach Nagle

Black cat Art Print by Vera La Mia


Profile View

The human body has always inspired artists. And these works are no exception. Using the human face as their muse, these colorfully rich pieces incorporate strong shape and bold outline.

Swiped women Art Print by Leïla Courtillon

Abstract Figures VI Art Print by Maggie Stephenson

BEIJO Art Print by Willian Santiago

Girl Power Art Print by Stephanie Carter

Loud Silence Art Print by LEOVY