Each week, as head of curation, I have the pleasure of exploring the treasure trove of uploads from Society6 artists to find the very best from around the community.

In this digest, allow me to do the discovering for you by highlighting new trends and rising artists that have caught my eye.

Fresh Finds

Artists to Watch

Here is a group of artists who are new to Society6 and doing some amazing work. It’s both exciting and inspiring to see so many active and talented artists joining our community each week. Let’s meet some!

J_Pong (Seoul, South Korea)

Malo Marte (Zagreb, Croatia)

KimCollisterArt (Conway, Arkansas)

BB LaBoss (Perry, Kansas)

koenaelterman (Antwerp, Belgium)

kathleenbarrettstudios (Loudon County, Virginia)

Picnic Art Print by J_Pong

Just give it time Art Print by Malo Marte

SHE WAS HOOKED Art Print by KimCollisterArt

Sleepy Orange Art Print by BB LaBoss

plants Art Print by koenaelterman

Fragile Heart Art Print by kathleenbarrettstudios

Through the Lens

This Week in Photography

Photographer Daniel Regner brings an ethereal mixture of cinematic still life and colorful youthfulness. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Daniel’s passion shines through his subject matter. His images seem to cherish each landscape and city before him.

Evening Ride Art Print by Daniel Regner

Montana Art Print by Daniel Regner

Cement Plant - Union Bridge Art Print by Daniel Regner

Rows - Baltimore Art Print by Daniel Regner

Hotel Richard McAllister - Hanover, PA Art Print by Daniel Regner

Lonely Tree Art Print by Daniel Regner

Closed Art Print by Daniel Regner

Light Rail - Baltimore Art Print by Daniel Regner


Cyber sCOOL

Keyboards, filing cabinets and office supplies are utilitarian, and we rarely see them in the spotlight. Here we get a fun grouping of ordinary objects designed by clever artists. Finally, these run-of-the-mill items get to have an exciting debut.

We are going to Escape Art Print by Frank Moth

Vintage Computer Arrows (YELLOW) Art Print by Cecelia Hotzler Design

Computer Files Art Print by Lizzie Darden (@lizzie_darden)

Naked Lady Art Print by Mouni Feddag

Happiness is when you're right beside me Art Print by ilovedoodle

a strange happening Art Print by demii whiffin

Color Story

Bouncy + Bold

Need a little pep in your step? We got you. These artists are bringing you all the joy with their bright and stimulating visuals to add some zing to your day.

begonia 6 Art Print by Garima Dhawan

Happy Little Pattern I. Art Print by ElisaGabi

In love typography Art Print by zymonna

keep on the sunny side, orange Art Print by sunshinecanteen

Now Art Print by Emily Lynn Perelman

050 Art Print by GOOLYGOOLY

Artist Spotlight

Richard Vergez | Miami, Florida

The minimal collage works of Richard Vergez live in a realm between fine art and poetic dreamscapes. Richard’s work takes a glimpse into our modern world through the combination of manual collage and the human condition.

Diver (blue) Art Print by Richard Vergez

Into Abyss Art Print by Richard Vergez

Medusa (Theme III, Pink) Art Print by Richard Vergez

Face in the Clouds Art Print by Richard Vergez

Pears/Pair Art Print by Richard Vergez

Heavy Construction Art Print by Richard Vergez

Grown Up Art Print by Richard Vergez

Float Art Print by Richard Vergez

About the Curator

Hello there art friends. My name is Nathan Spoor, Head of Curation at Society6. I have over 25 years of experience as an art curator for galleries and museums, I’ve written for several prominent art publications and published three books on contemporary art. I’m also a painter and a member of one of the first groups of artists that took the plunge and joined Society6 in 2009. Since 2015, I’ve been the full-time Society6 curator, continuously thrilled to be on the forefront of surfacing so much amazing work, sharing rising artists, trending themes and color stories that spark inspiration and fuel the imagination.

Each day I dive into a sea of new art uploads on Society6, surrounded by a virtual treasure trove of artists from around the world sharing their original works paintings, photographs, illustrations and designs.

Nathan Spoor

Head of Curation // Society6