Any way you slice it, a refined beauty exists in a minimalist approach to art creation.

There’s a reverence in stepping back and allowing a piece the space it needs to breathe—call it smart editing or simply an exploration in balance. Whether it’s in color, form or spatial relations, we find it relaxing to see artists execute intelligent simplicity.

Black and white grain layer abstract Art Print by Marin Vaan Zaal

Dynamic Duo Art Print by DuckyB

Abstract Desert Landscape 2 Art Print by Melissa McGill Art

See you tomorrow Art Print by Mina Wright

The best view comes after the hardest climb Art Print by Yohann LIBOT

Black and Gold Circle 15 Art Print by Felipe Chaves Ribeiro

minimalism 18 Art Print by Iris Lehnhardt

We Are Fine Art Print by Okti

Geometric Composition II Art Print by Alisa Galitsyna

ENDLESS LOVE GREEN Art Print by sandrapoliakov

Modern Thick Black & White Linear Abstract IV Art Print by Michelle Maroon

Lux Blue Art Print by Dan Hobday Art

Cream Circle Art Print by Lorcy

Abstract 4 Art Print by MintAndPeach

Captured by Shadow Art Print by Mike Geiger

Turning Away Art Print by The Minimal Collective

Nathan Spoor

Head of Curation // Society6