Each week, as head of curation, I have the pleasure of exploring the treasure trove of uploads from Society6 artists to find the very best from around the community.

In this digest, allow me to do the discovering for you by highlighting new trends and rising artists that have caught my eye.

Fresh Finds

Artists to Watch

ShunsukeSatake (Kobe, Japan)

Mareike Engelkle (Duisberg, Germany)

Bec Flattley (Melbourne, Australia)

Vincent Cousteau (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

William Rissi (Porto, Portugal)

Erica Genece (Brooklyn, New York)

I begin each morning by diving into that day’s new art uploads and, let me tell you, it’s exciting and inspiring to see so many active, talented artists in our community. Let’s jump in with my Artists to Watch and check out some of their gems that arrived this week!

rabbit Art Print by ShunsukeSatake

Whenever ... Art Print by Mareike Engelke

Emerge Art Print by Bec Flattley

Stay Home Art Print by William Rissi

DOT I Art Print by EricaGenece

BE THE LIGHT Art Print by Vincent Cousteau

Through the Lens

This Week in Photography

I’m really captivated by the photography of Harper Smith. Her work is marked by a cinematic quality and authenticity, establishing her as a true master of capturing the essence of her subjects and setting the mood. Based in Austin, Texas, Harper uses her fine-tuned eye from years of professional photoshoots and brings an element of enchantment to her confident pictorial expression.

R.O.C Art Print by Harper Smith Photography

LONG BLACK VEIL III Art Print by Harper Smith Photography

Holocene Art Print by Harper Smith Photography


Book Adventures

While we’re all spending more time at home, I’m noticing more and more books that need a little love. It’s fun to see so many artists showing their affection for the physical medium of reading and tending to their gardens of imagination!

Quarantine Bookclub: Nahid Art Print by Jenny Kroik

Reading is Lit Art Print by Chelsea Manzo

Cozy Night In Art Print by Charly Clements

"Be Obsessed" inspired by Kat Schneider, Ritual Art Print by Alja Horvat

The Atrium Art Print by Rachel Jablonski

Library Girl with Stack of Books Art Print by LauraRowStudio

Mixed Media 

Collage brilliance from Julia Walck

Los Angeles-based mixed media artist Julia Walck really has her finger on the pulse of something unique. By that, I mean she’s got a certain magic for clever collage creations that are equally humorous and visually balanced in both color and space. Each of her designs is like a fun little gift.

Seeing Stars Art Print by Julia Walck

(Disco)unt Supermarket Art Print by Julia Walck

Portable Record Player Art Print by Julia Walck

Waterbed Art Print by Julia Walck

Artist Spotlight

Retro Flavored Illustrator blairkel | Toronto, Canada

Artist Blair Kelley‘s work has really captured my imagination. It’s been truly energizing watching his work appear on Society6, feeling that there was some kinship with art that I enjoyed as a child as well as being firmly rooted in modern life. Blair’s work is equal parts simple and complex, both in its visual hand as well as the subject matter of each image.

Narcissism Art Print by blairkel

Sunlight Art Print by blairkel

April Showers Art Print by blairkel

Coffee Lover Art Print by blairkel

About the Curator

Hello there, art friends. My name is Nathan Spoor, Head of Curation at Society6. I’ve got over 25 years experience as an art curator for galleries and museums, writing for several prominent art publications and publishing three books on contemporary art. I’m a painter and one of the first group of artists that took the plunge and joined Society6 in 2009. As the full-time Society6 curator since 2015, I’m continuously thrilled to be at the forefront of surfacing so much amazing work, sharing rising artists, trending themes and color stories that spark inspiration and fuel the imagination.

Every day I dive into a sea of new art uploads on Society6, surrounded by a virtual treasure trove of artists from around the world sharing their original works paintings, photographs, illustrations and designs, and each week I’m going to bring it to you in this Curator’s Digest.

Thanks for reading!

Nathan Spoor

Head of Curation // Society6