The Friday Five is a weekly showcase of new Society6 artists. These talents come from all over the world, bringing fresh new styles and designs that deserve your attention. Find out more about today’s worldwide array of artists in their S6 stores.

anna_dial (Moscow, Russia)
Holly Warburton (Bath, United Kingdom)
Print Rush (Wattala, Sri Lanka)
Héloïse Courtois (Bordeaux, France)
indiolente (Santiago, Chile)

Flamingo by anna_dial (click to see more prints)

Unicorn by anna_dial

Body by anna_dial

A Moment! by Holly Warburton (click to see more prints)

Faces in the Crowd Sketch by Holly Warburton

A Couple on the Escalator by Holly Warburton

Color Waves by Print Rush  (click to see more prints)

Blinded To Color No More by Print Rush

Color Revival by Print Rush

The bored girl by Héloïse Courtois (click to see more prints)

Bleached hair by Héloïse Courtois

Girl in the blue kimono by Héloïse Courtois

Enlatrama by indiolente (click to see more prints)

Bear Mask by indiolente

Diablada Mask by indiolente

Nathan Spoor

Head of Curation // Society6