The Friday Five is a weekly showcase of new Society6 artists. These talents come from all over the world, bringing fresh new styles and designs that deserve your attention. Find out more about today’s worldwide array of artists in their S6 stores.

eranfowler (Richmond, Canada)
Noah Custer  (Savannah, Georgia)
Taylor Elisa (Jacksonville, Alabama)
Jungle Graphics Co (Ashburn, Virginia)
Sean Quinn (Minneapolis, Minnesota)


The Sound of Zen by eranfowler

Night Owl by eranfowler

Sushi Cubed by eranfowler

Deep Blue by Noah Custer

Evening Surf by Noah Custer

Wine Break by Noah Custer

Work Your Ass off by Taylor Elisa

Be your own Insta Crush by Taylor Elisa

Love Yo Self by Taylor Elisa

You know what eye mean by Jungle Graphics Co

Unusual sunrise by Jungle Graphics Co

Always alert by Jungle Graphics Co

Nº 23 Focus by Sean Quinn

Nº 21 Echos by Sean Quinn

Nº 3 Limerence by Sean Quinn

Nathan Spoor

Head of Curation // Society6