One of the easiest ways to bring your style into a space is by mimicking the classic look of an art gallery.

Instantly Instagram-approved, a grouping of perfectly curated paintings or photographs is guaranteed to take your room to the next level. You might not have a massive blank wall that you can litter with nails, but lack of square footage doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style—here’s 3 solutions for getting that gallery look no matter how small your space is:

1. Lean On Me

Brighten up your bedside table or bookshelf with colorful stacked prints. You don’t need a lot, two to three options (depending on the size of your furniture!) will create impact without looking cluttered. Lean them gently against the wall, and by placing a few stacked books or magazines in front, you can reduce the chance of sliding. They’re so easy to swap out too!

Titty Committee Mug

2. Keep It Classic

Choose an odd number of prints and create a personalized, artistic arrangement. Whether it’s three or five (or seven!), odd numbers tend to pair perfectly. To create a cohesive look, pick a color scheme, we chose peach, black and white, and choose prints that fit within. Lay each piece out on the floor and play with layout before you commit to hanging them—you’ll be glad you did!

3. Style Every Square Foot

Lean artwork against the wall to create a vibe that’s always casual-cool. Following the same styling rules as a traditional gallery wall, pick colors or a theme, and let your preferences pop! Add a few personal touches like plants, books, and polaroids and you’ll turn any boring corner into a spot to study, practice mindfulness or chill with your friends. (Oh, and adding a few floor pillows won’t hurt either, no literally, your butt will thank us.)

Wavy Stripes Framed Print

Sunrise Framed Print

Photos by Cara Robbins

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Wavy Stripes Framed Print

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Sunrise Framed Print

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Stephanie Dixon

Director, Brand & Content